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Former Manoire Montefiore seniors facility to become a residential apartment building

Three and  a half years after the Manoir Montefiore closed as a seniors residence,  the highrise at the corner of Cavendish and Mackle will be transformed into a residential apartment building.

Jadco, the company behind the Équinoxe project on Marc Chagall, purchased the property from  Réseau Selection. They will be granted a permit to proceed with renovations since there are no zoning changes requested nor is the façade being altered.

Manoire Montefiore present-day.

The timing, of course, is not ideal. Excavation work will begin soon followed by as much as an 18-month construction period for the second Equinoxe building.

There are presently 130 units in the Montefiore building. Jadco has proposed 94 units for their rejigged project – 43 one bedroom and  and  51  two bedrooms. The area of these units are conforming to the city by-law.  There will be about 90 interior parking spaces, including 14 new ones to be constructed in what is now a dining area. In addition, an outdoor lot will accommodate 23  more vehicles.

I will provide more news as it becomes available.


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Naomi Schwartz

Thank you Mike, would appreciate any other future information in regards to the new apartments

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