Second public information session planned on planned felling of trees behind the library
District 2 resident Nancy Rubin tells her story

Artist Maxine Bloom opens a magnificent display of her work at the CSL Library

I was pleased to meet with Maxine at her display.

Maxine Bloom, a longtime constituent of mine in District 2, is a wonderfully talented artist who lives and paints in two places. Here is Côte Saint-Luc spring, summer and fall and Deerfield Beach, Florida in the winter.


Maxine’s style is mixed media and her eclectic subjects reflect her love of color and movement. She combines watercolor, acrylic and ink with collage.  As she and her husband Victor told me at the opening of an exhibit of her work at the CSL Public Library, many of the paintings are from holiday destinations of theirs.I encourage you to drop by the library anytime through November 18. Many of the 35 paintings on display are for sale, with net proceeds going towards the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation.  There is a price list on site. Cathy Simons oversees the latter operation. She is also a constituent.


Maxine has exhibited in group shows in Florida and has won both first and second prizes. Her work hangs in several private collections and she is delighted that others are enjoying her paintings every day.


You can reach her at




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Nat Kurtzman

I am proud to say that I know the artist and she and her husband are great friends of myself & Arlene.

Essie Rosenthal

It is a wonderful show. If you have not gone yet,you still have time to see it. Maxine’s work is different &
captures ones imagination. We loved it.
Essie & Jack Rosenthal

Laurence Bloom

This artist (My dearest mother) is not only a wonderful artist but a beautiful person that I am very proud to have as a mother!! It gave me great pride to have attended her art event and I look forward to picking up a few pieces from her private collection to proudly hang on my wall!!

If you haven't seen her work, please go the CSL library and take a look before its too late.

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