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On September  6, most Côte Saint-Luc residents lost power when workers repairing the underground aqueduct on Kildare Rd. near Cavendish struck a natural gas pipe, causing a gas leak. Power was cut to the area as a safety precaution.  

Let me begin by commending our Public Safety  and Public Affaiirs Departments,  senior management and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein for the leadership role they played. Many people were searching for answers and it was those fully plugged in to our social media platforms who benefitted  the most.

Please, if you have access to the Internet like our main Facebook  page and  CSL Ideas; go directly to our website, which had constant updates throughout the day;  and sign up for alerts by phone and to receive our e-newsletter.

Diagrams like this, showing exit routes from the city, were posted on our website.

On September 6 the city sent two telephone call outs  (10:37am and 3:06pm) to share the information we had. Anyone who signed up to received the SMS and/or email emergency alerts received those, too. In addition, the city posted approximately 12 updates on Facebook and during the day, and several tweets. The timing of the incident was not ideal as staff were on their way to work when the traffic into the city (as well as out) slowed down. 

"That said, we are always looking for ways to improve," stated Mayor Brownstein. "I would like to congratulate Public Security Director Jordy Reichson  and his team on a job well done.  We are lucky that there was no explosion and no one was hurt.  Our emergency response was excellent. 

"I also want to thank the city management and directors who worked together at the in-committee table throughout the day making sure communications were managed and schools and hospitals as well as the general public got the information they needed to make decisions throughout the day."
Mayor Brownstein oversaw a post-mortem at the end of the day to ensure we do even better next time, implementing new ways we can start communications sooner.
In light of the recent events and numerous questions around emergency responses that city has, Councillor Oren Sebag and Director Reichson  will be hosting an Emergency Preparedness Public Information session soon.  


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