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New traffic calming measures on Sir Walter Scott and Kildare the latest improvements enacted

Traffic safety continues to be among paramount importance for me as the city councillor for District 2.
I am pleased with the changes that have occurred at the back entrance/exit for  the City Hall/Library complex. The speed bump and the signs notifying motorists to go around the circle has brought forward the positive results we expected. However, some of my constituents have wisely asked for another speed bump in the parking lot  as vehicles approach the turn to make their exit. There is no question too many speeding incidents are occurring. Our Traffic Committee has agreed to look at this at their next meeting.
New bollards at Sir Walter Scott and Kildare Road.
A few years ago I was able to get stop signs installed  at the corner of Sir Walter Scott and Kildare Road. As I take my regular walks, I still see too many vehicles making short stops or going right through.  Last week we took increased traffic calming measures with the addition of some bollards and signs urging vehicles to slow down. I monitored the corner for the past few days and I am pleased with the results thus far here as well.
These bollards are part of 10 intersections in the city which will have high visibility traffic calming. The intersections include flexible bollards, fexible signs, more pedestrian crossing signs, silhouettes for school and park areas and extra line painting.
Next up will be a new stop sign at the corner of Kildare and Rembrandt for vehicles headed towards Cavendish. We hope this will bring some relief for motorists from Rembrandt during morning and afternoon rush hour having to cope with the traffic from JPPS/Bialik.  While I know some residents wanted a stop sign on the other side, our Traffic Committee studied this closely and determined that it would cause serious backups from vehicles turning on to Kildare from Cavendish.


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Sigmund Marcus

Dear Mike,I like to know why for the past 6 months, if not more,the lights on Mark Chagal st. they are on day and night. Who pay for ?

Mike Cohen

Sigmund this is being paid for by the new Equinoxe development.

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