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Syd Kronish steps down as Men's Club President; Mannie Young assumes the helm

It is perhaps an understatement to say that the Côte Saint-Luc Men’s Club is one well-oiled machine. Under the guidance of one man named Sid and another named Syd over the  past decade, this organization has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Sid Margles started the ball rolling as president for four years, removing the word “Seniors” from the moniker and making this the place to be for a primarily retired crowd of gentlemen. Activities increased significantly and the list of guest speakers climbed to a very high calibre level. The annual gala dinner also became the social event of the season. Syd Kronish picked up where  Margles left off. His four year term concluded on May 31 and I was at the Aquatic and Community Centre (ACC) for the installation of his successor, legendary pharmacist Mannie Young.


Mayor Brownstein, myself and Councillor Sidney Benizri congratulate the new slate of officers. (Sid Berns Photo)

Here is a list of the new slate of officers:


Mannie Young


David Haltrecht


David Gandell


Marvin Hayman


David Moscovitch


Ken Bessner


Irving Leiner


Charles Eklove


Bernie Green


Jack Lackman


Len Miller


Andrew Toeman



The nominating committee recommended that Beryl Peletz, who is retiring as a director, be appointed by the incoming executive to a two-year term as honourary vice-president. Beryl, who is one of my constituents (as are Haltrecht, Hayman, Moscovitch and  Kronish), has been married to his Miriam  for 67 years.

Mayor Brownstein, Syd Kronish and Mannie Young. (Charles Eklove Photo)

In his farewell address, the ever so charismatic Syd Kronish told a packed room that since assuming the presidency in 2014 he served 1,460 days in office. “I am proud,” he announced, “that we have brought down the average age of this group from 84 to 80.”

Under Syd, the Men’s Club membership doubled from 350 to 700. “More programming was added to keep people busy five days a week,” he said. “We have made this the place to be the day you retire.”

One of Syd’s goals was to have the Premier of Quebec come speak to the Men’s Club. That did occur a year ago at this time when Philippe Couillard accepted the invitation. The original ask had actually been made by Sid Margles. Couillard had acccepted, but had to cancel due to some government business. It was Syd who followed up on the initiative of Sid.

Syd did not leave the stage without thanking his wife of 60 years Elaine for her undying support.

While Syd will remain very active with the Men’s Club, the two of us have met and he will soon undertake a leadership role in District 2.

Good luck to Mannie Young and the new first lady, Charna. I saw Mannie walking down the aisles of IGA today and asked where his Secret Service detail was. He will do a great job!

You can follow the Men’s Club online  at  https://cslmen.com/ 


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Marvin Shaffer

Syd KRONISH was a remarkable president. Manny will carry on with skill determination and his special brand of humour and mentchlachkite that are his special qualities and trade mark. He will be a great new leader for our amazing club. Good luck Manny!!! Marvin Shaffer

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