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April 01, 2018


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The OLF loves to make themselves look uneducated with changing names of Brands and bussiness that are English. The rest of the world laughs at Quebec as if leaving a world known place to be called the name they created is as will change how ppl feel about the French language. It doesn't, it just makes us Quebecois seem uneducated. So what if it's not a French establishment, its ok. Not everything is made in quebec. Everyone enjoys or appreciates diversity. We actually appreciate having the opportunity to have things other places in the world get to enjoy. It sucks being stuck on arrogance vs culture. We know Quebec is French. This just makes Quebec look ridiculous, I'm really sick of it.and I'm born here. Let us just have the damn restaurant and leave there name as is. Ppl want to go because of the name of the place not cause it's in mtl.

Brina. Doris Black

Mike. No one is laughing. Sad commentary for Quebec. Like any successful restaurants want to come here. As many ads say. Not available in Quebec.


Looks like an April Fool to me!

Marvin katz

Mike this was a bad joke; the elderly in CSL don’t understand April fool’s; do something as positive as your negative joke; maybe they will forgive you Fake news!!!!!!!!!!!

rosalie fisher

2 bad its not true...citizens of cote st luc would be happy to cheer on a much needed restaurant...

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