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McDonald's at Quartier Cavendish to close on May 31

The McDonald’s Restaurant at the Quartier Cavendish food court will shut down operations on May 31, franchisee Pierre Brunet has confirmed with me.

Last week I began receiving messages from constituents and readers concerning a “rumour” of such a closing. Brunet, who now owns 19 franchises in Montreal,  told me that after 20 years at Cavendish he had a decision to make when it came time to renew his lease. The fact that his locale at the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre, opened four and a half years ago, is thriving helped him make  the call. All of the Cavendish staff will move to the CSL Road location.

“We will remain open until May 31 and it will be business as usual,” Brunet promises. “I wish to thank the administration at Quartier Cavendish and all of our loyal customers. This was a business decision  and keeping that franchise open would not have been profitable.”

Pierre Brunet

Brunet’s first McDonald’s franchise was on Walkley and Côte St. Luc Road. That closed more than 20 years ago at a time ironically when the Cavendish location had just opened and was doing well.  “It is very important for me to retain my connection to the Côte Saint-Luc community and I am doing that with our newest location,” he said.

Last year, as a CSL city councillor, I was honoured to work with Pierre to establish the first ever Pierre Brunet McDonald’s  Parks and Recreation Bursary Fund to assist families who cannot afford to register their child in a program and taking into account requests from children with special needs. This is connected to McHappy Day, which this year falls on May 2. Pierre has also been a regular supporter of our CSL Men’s Club, our Winter Carnival and the annual CSL Golf Classic.

We will miss the Cavendish location, but remain grateful that Pierre will remain part of the CSL landscape.


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Yosef D. Robinson

Who knows - maybe a kosher restaurant will take its place?!

Reuben spector

Cavendish Mall has been like a club for seniors to meet and chat. McDonald's helped in the formation of this "club" with reasonable pricing for a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone in the summer. It will be sorely missed.

rosalie fisher

The news that it is closing was the subject of much conversation and upset in the food court the other day. I understand the move from the owners business point of view. I also feel the powers that be do not fully comprehend the total impact the move will have on some of their customers..A stop after blood tests at CLSC..a meeting of the seniors. A quick pick up of a muffin and coffee or many workers in the city etc etc...and the beat goes on. The price was not the main reason for it's popularity..Subway has muffins and coffee as well...It was "meet us at Macdonalds"..another landmark gone from the Mall...


Bring back Pumpernicks!

Toby Shulman

Very disappointing news, Mr. Brunet! Was everything done to try to keep it open? It will be missed by young & old alike.

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