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February 2018

Public meeting set for March 5 to deal with felling of trees at Ashkelon Gardens

Like many places on the island of Montreal, many of the ash trees in Côte Saint-Luc have been  infected by the Emerald Ash Borer and have become sick or are dead.

The forested area between the Library and the Cambridge Courts townhouse complex  has also been  infected. Most of the trees there are sick or dead and could potentially fall down on their own or  even catch on fire if we don’t remove them. Some good news. We had our team investigate further and the existing maple trees will remain. Emerald ash

We are hiring a contractor to fell these trees starting in March. The law maintains this work cannot proceed beyond the last day of March.

During the work we will  hear the sounds of workers and chainsaws. The work will be carried out between the hours of 7 am and  6 pm to minimize any disruption to your sleep. After the trees have been felled, we will also must remove  the invasive plants. Once we are confident the area is ready, we will plant new trees and other species of vegetation over the next two years.

We are heartbroken that we are temporarily losing the beautiful forested area.  Regrettably there was nothing we could do to save them. While we are replacing these trees, the new  ones will take many years to grow to the size of what’s there now. 

Mount Royal will be losing 4,000 trees due to emerald ash borer. See this story on CBC 

Anyone with questions should join us for an information meeting on Monday, March 5, 2018 at 7:30  pm at City Hall. We will share  more details, including some of the  technical details about the replacement trees.

New City Hall/Library Parking Lot gets good reviews

I am pleased to report that I have been getting nothing but positive reviews regarding the reconfiguration of our CIty Hall/Library Parking Lot.

IMG_1950Last spring a contract was awarded to Groupe TNT Inc. in the amount of $1,941,716.78. The work included the reconstruction of the sidewalks and curbs, the replacement of the lighting, the installation of security cameras, the asphalt paving, the installation of new park benches, bike racks and recycling  and garbage containers.

We began work on the project on July 5  and it was carried out in three phases in order to minimize the impact on the public. This first section of the parking lot, which included 62 parking spaces, was opened on August 7. Phase Two, the central part of the parking lot,  was paved on September 11. Phase Three, which included the Cavendish entrance,  was paved on October 16, and opened to the public on October 31 following the installation of the signage. The landscaping was substantially completed in November. The park benches, recycling garbage containers, bike rack and street lights were installed in December. The activation of the electric vehicle charging station was done in early February.


Work left to be completed includes the installation of the security cameras.  Three additional large caliper oak trees will also be planted in the spring as these types of trees do not tolerate well transplanting in the fall. A total of 45 trees were planted to date.

IMG_1958Besides the fact that this is now safer parking lot to navigate by car or on foot, what most people appreciate is the wide drop off zone. No longer does a vehicle have to circle continually because someone is honking behind them.

IMG_1963I wish to thank Marianne Zalal in particular from our Urban Development Department and of course Director Charles Senekal for their tireless work on the project. When some residents expressed concern about the number of trees we needed to cut, In called an emergency meeting with Mayor Mitchell Brownstein. We proceeded to make changes to the plans and sacrificed a number of new spaces to ensure some healthy trees remained in place.

I look forward to everyone enjoying the full beauty of this new area when the nice weather returns in late spring.



Two hour parking rules come into effect as a result of Marc Chagall high rise construction

The City of Côte Saint-Luc will be limiting parking to a maximum of two hours on parts of Marc Chagall Ave. and the north end of Mackle Rd. once new signs are posted in March 2018.

The goal of this new parking rule is to encourage workers at the Equinoxe Marc Chagall, currently under construction, to park their private vehicles at the temporary parking lot located diagonally across from Le Marquise.

With fewer worker cars parked all day on Marc Chagall Ave. and Mackle Rd., more on-street parking will be available for your guests closer to your building.

The new two hour parking signs will be posted on Marc Chagall Ave. from Mackle Rd. to Le Marquise, and the north end of Mackle Rd.

We know that this two hour parking limit may inconvenience some of your guests who stay longer. However, this was the best option available to achieve our goal: freeing up parking spaces for your guests you are not able to use the visitor parking lot of your building.

If you have questions, please contact Charles Senekal, Director the Engineering Division weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm at, or 514-485-6800 ext. 1501.

Another successful CSL Winter Carnival

Congratulations to the Parks and Recreation staff of the City of Côte Saint-Luc, our Volunteer Citizens on Patrol, Public Works and everyone else who worked so hard for our 2018 Winter Carnival. Activities kicked off at the Aquatic and Community Centre on Feb. 10 with the annual Valentine’s Dance. On Sunday, Feb. 18 weather conditions were ideal for a day of fun outdoors at Trudeau Park.

Ice sculptures in the snow.

There was a pancake breakfast sponsored by McDonald’s, horse drawn carriage rides, taffy on snow, face painting, ice sculpture activities, public skating, hockey games, a figure-skating exhibition, and more.

There were all kinds of games to play.

It was wonderful to see so many young families enjoying our wonderful activities. Rookie City Councillors Oren Sebag and Mitch Kujavsky were co-chairs of the event.

Our presentation of a $10,000 cheque.

Mayor Brownstein, members of council and Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather were pleased to preside over a ceremony in the arena at which time we presented a cheque of $10,000 for Ronald McDonald House,, a temporary home away from home for out-of-town (more than 70 km) families of children with critical illnesses who must travel here for medical treatments. Côte Saint-Luc funded a room there.

The very tall ice princess greets me.

There was lots of action outside, including a very tall ice princess, the team from The Beat 92.5 FM playing music, a marshmallow roasting corner, tobogganing on the hill and much more. It brought back such nice memories when my daughter was little and we would take her there.

I enjoyed some of those McDonald’s pancakes, with syrop. Reuben Goodman was serving up warm hot chocolate while just outside the Lawrence Bergman Chalet was reliable Mark Bessner making cotton candy for the kids.

Construction moves at a quick pace on Equinoxe Rental Condos on Marc Chagall

Concrete pouring is nearly complete for Phase 1 of the new Equinoxe Rental Condos on Marc Chagall Avenue in District 2.

I will remind everyone that this land was originally zoned high-rise residential by a previous council 30 years ago. Working began last spring. The developers are nearing completion of the concrete structure of the building itself, pouring the floor slab of the 12th floor at the time this report, leaving only the penthouse level to complete. The ground floor is now closed and portions all the way up to the fifth floor have now been closed , meaning interior work is underway. The builders have made great progress on this project despite the harsh winter weather we have experienced so far this year.


According to building officials, rental deposits are going very well and they are on target for people to move in by July 1. We should know very soon if they will begin work on the second building in the spring. It would be nice to see all of this construction over by the summer of 2019.

The city is working with the builders to mitigate the ongoing nuisances in the area and the builders have been cooperative to date. New signs for parts of Marc Chagall and Mackle will soon be installed to limit the amount of hours vehicles can park their during the day. This is meant to encourage construction workers to use the temporary parking lot we opened. There are a few matters we must resolve before e signs are installed.

As for Saturday construction work, that will be restricted to indoor work by the middle of March as per an agreement we reached with the owners. This will amount to very good news when Phase 2 begins and residents can once again enjoy Saturdays without that unfortunate noise pollution.