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How many dogs are licensed in each district?

Thanks to Côte Saint-Luc's Director of Public Safety Jordy Reichson I can share with you these interesting statistics regarding how many  dogs were licensed in each electoral district for 2017-18.

District 5 

Councillor Mitchell Kujavsky 123

Milo the Dog
Mitch Kujavsky's dog Milo.

District 8   

Councillor Ruth Kovac 117

District 4   

Councillor Steven Erdelyi  115

District 2     

Yours Truly 102

District 6     

Councillor David Tordjman 93

District 1     

Councillor Oren Sebag 92

District 3     

Councillor Dida Berku 86

District 7 

Councillor SIdney Benizri 57

That is 662 registered dogs. I am sure there are many more than that!

A few weeks ago I held the first gathering of dog owners in the city. It was the beginning of a process  to start a new committee. In the coming weeks city council will consider new rules to allow dogs in parks. I have asked Jonathan Goldman and Darren Rapkowski, two dog owners, to meet  and put together some initial goals. They will then call another brainstorming session. Abe Haim remains my point man for the main dog run on Mackle Road. We will find someone to do the same when a second dog run opens on Côte Saint-Luc Road near Richard Schwartz Park..



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Cathy Jardin

And nobody checks to see if they are vaccinated? 662 x 30$, and we can hardly get the garbage picked up, the door to the dog park shovelled , the leaves cleaned in the fall, aggressive dogs dealt with.
And how will that money be spent?

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