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Reitmans closes its store at the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre

A few weeks after the Pik Nik snack bar closed at the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre, the popular Reitmans clearance store has shut down as well.


"We closed the Reitmans clearance store on January 28," spokesperson Katia Reyburn advised me. "Please know that closing a store is not a decision we take lightly. Reitmans is a healthy Canadian brand that has been in business for 90 years and we’re here to stay. As a national retailer, we are regularly making decisions regarding opening, renovating, relocating and closing stores, based on the needs of the ever changing Canadian landscape. Reviewing our portfolio of stores is part of the normal course of business."

Ms. Reyburn noted that there are many other Reitmans stores in the Greater Montreal area ready to serve the Côte Saint-Luc customer: four downtown stores and one nearby at Carrefour Angrignon.

I must commend the Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre for it always seems to find tenants for any empty storefronts. The former West End Gym (originally Vic Tannys) downstairs remains vacant.



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Yosef D. Robinson

Too bad the Cavendish Mall, even in its truncated state, is not as able to find new tenants for empty storefronts as the CSL Shopping Centre, at least not as quickly!

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