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Construction update in Quartier Cavendish development

Here is some news on construction in the Quartier Cavendish development, much of which is my own District 2.  Councillor Glenn J. Nashen's District 6 covers the properties on Kellert.

The 68 townhouses and 16 semi‐detached homes are now all complete.

There are 31 single family homes: 24 are completed, with minor finishing touches/landscaping outstanding on some; four others are under construction and progressing well; one lot has been approved in principle and construction should begin in spring 2017; and two lots still face a design review from our Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and must then go through the permitting process.

The mixed use building under construction on The Avenue.

The mixed use building of 90 units on six stories, plus a penthouse and some commercial establishments on the main floor, is moving along. The underground parking structure is complete while the back filling of the foundations is also nearly done. The builder, the BSR Group, plans on continuing construction through the winter in hopes of completing this project by the end of summer 2017. Our Urban Development Office continues to work closely with the builder to keep some nuisances to residents of Park Place to an absolute minimum.

In our year end permit statistics, we experienced yet another surprisingly big year of construction in the city. While we were expecting 2016 to be busy, construction estimates for 2016 were actually the second highest in our history (over $60 million  behind only 1987, a year when several high rise towers began construction in the same year). These numbers are compiled from estimated construction costs before projects begin (at time of permit issuance) so they are only estimates, but they are an accurate indicator of how much construction is taking place in our city. Permit fees are based on this estimated value and is therefore linked directly to generation of revenue for the city and this list does not include “smaller” permits such as tree cutting permits, tempos and signs. Promising news for certain.


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