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Founder of Israel's Migdal Ohr, Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, meets with Bialik students

Thanks to the generosity of Cons Family, Secondary III and IV students  at Bialik High School, located in District 2, were privileged to have met Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, the Chief Rabbi  of Migdal HaEmek in Israel and Founder and President of the Migdal Ohr Educational Institutions. Rabbi Grossman is endeared to many Israelis as the 'Disco Rabbi' for his work years ago in going to the discos to seek out youth from disadvantaged and troubled homes, offering them a place to go, a grounding in their Jewish identities and an education at no cost.

As Rabbi Grossman related his inspiring story to the students, he emphasized the significance of Chanukah, the importance of having great pride in being Jewish, and in supporting Israel. He concluded his remarks asking each student to strive to be a light to others.

Rabbi Grossman at Bialik (3)
Photo caption: Bialik students Max Kadanoff-Greenberg, Daniel Chetrit, Josh Schacter, David Ratner-Nemirovski, Mark Tchinov, Aidan Bienstock, Lewis Brandman and Evan Stern were among the many students who warmly welcomed Rabbi Grossman (3rd from left) to Bialik.





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