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Since I was elected as a member of city council in Côte Saint-Luc 11 years ago, the most frequent concern raised has been related to the Cavendish/Kildare intersection.

While we have a very elaborate project planned for 2018, the city did form an ad hoc committee last fall. In June I held my annual District 2 Round Table and Cavendish/Kildare was the  main subject. Staff were on hand to respond to all questions from a standing room only crowd and we promised that phase one of our plan would be in place by the fall.

I am pleased to announce that motorists using the Cavendish/Kildare intersection will find it easier to get through there beginning on November 15, thanks to a new split phase configuration.

In short, motorists travelling westbound on Kildare will be able to drive through the intersection at Cavendish while traffic in the opposing direction waits. This allows drivers to turn left (or turn right, or go straight) without opposing traffic.




Crossing guard Norman Klein plays an important role at the intersection.

To help visualize the change, imagine you are a driver who left the JPPS/Bialik campus and is heading west along Kildare towards the police station. When you approach the traffic light at Cavendish Blvd., you can use the left or middle lane to turn left or the middle lane to go straight. Once we have made the change, the motorists coming from the opposite direction will have a red right, which will allow you to turn left (or to go straight) without having to worry about oncoming traffic.

Likewise, motorists coming from the opposite side will have their chance to move through the intersection without interference, soon after.

Just as many vehicles as before will be able to pass through the intersection. However, the process will be less stressful for many. Pedestrians will also appreciate the change because they will have fewer vehicles coming from few directions to contend with.

I would like to thank staff, Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and particularly Councillor Glenn J. Nashen who really spearheaded this initiative as he does with all traffic matters in the city. This is an excellent first step.

Once the change is made, please let us know what you think about it and if it has helped your driving experience. E-mail


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Toby Shulman

I am very anxious to see how this new plan works. We've been waiting a long time for something to be done.

Rona Narvey

Good news Mike.... many times I have held my breath and prayed while driving through or walking through that intersection.... thanks for making it happen!!!

Brahms E. Silver

Thank you for the awareness of the problem and for informing the public that the authorities are making a sincere attempt to find a satisfactory and timely solution.

It is good to know Mayor Brownstein and particularly Councillor Glenn J. Nashen are being pro-active to meet the ever increasing demands of a significantly growing population.

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