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New concept of rental condominiums being considered for Marc Chagall Avenue

New plans were approved for the two 12 storey high rise buildings to be built on Marc Chagall Avenue near Mackle Road. Initially the developer had planned to sell condominiums, however a new concept of luxury rental condominiums with extensive amenities is planned. Trantor Realty will develop the project with Jadco construction.

Jadco construction, is an established luxury builder. Among the latest projects of Jadco is the Quintessence as well as the Paton 1, both high end successful luxury condominiums projects. We expect there to be 264 units. Our Planning Advisory Committee has requested at least 400 parking spots.

I spoke to their representative whom estimates that a shovel will go in the ground in 2017.

This adds to the District 2 building boom, which already includes a new rental apartment facility under construction on the Avenue in the Quartier Cavendish area and the completion of the remaining homes in the area.

The land is zoned multi-family. About a decade ago there was a plan by another company to construct two buildings at this location. They would have been 18 storey high condos. When that ownership group dropped the project, council conducted some rezoning and much to the delight of the neighbouring condo owners at Le Rothchild and Le Marquise, we lowered the density to 12 storeys.


De nouveaux plans ont été approuvés pour les deux immeubles de 12 étages:  Avenue Marc Chagall

De nouveaux plans ont été approuvés pour les deux immeubles de 12 étages qui seront construits sur l’avenue Marc Chagall près du chemin Mackle. Initialement, le promoteur envisageait de vendre des condominiums; toutefois, un nouveau concept de condominiums de luxe en location offrant beaucoup de commodités est maintenant projeté. Trantor Realty réalisera le projet avec Jadco Construction.

Jadco Construction est une référence en construction de prestige. Parmi les plus récents projets de Jadco, mentionnons le Quintessence et le Paton 1, deux projets luxueux de condominiums haut de gamme. Nous prévoyons la construction de 264 unités résidentielles. Notre comité consultatif d’urbanisme a exigé au moins 400 places de stationnement.

J’ai discuté avec leur représentant et, selon lui, la première pelletée de terre devrait être officiellement levée en 2017.

Ce projet s’ajoute à l’actuel boom de la construction dans le District 2, qui comprend déjà un immeuble d’appartements locatifs en construction sur l’Avenue dans le Quartier Cavendish et l’achèvement des dernières résidences dans le secteur.

Le terrain est zoné multifamilial. Il y a environ dix ans, un plan avait été soumis par une autre compagnie afin d’y construire deux bâtiments. Le projet prévoyait des immeubles de condominiums de 18 étages. Lorsque ce groupe de propriétaires a abandonné le projet, le conseil a modifié le zonage entre autres en abaissant la densité à 12 étages, ce qui a ravi les propriétaires de condos dans Le Rothchild et Le Marquise.



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Sidney Margles

This is totally beyond what has been approved...far too many units and definitively not enough parking spaces. This should not and cannot be approved. You cannot double the number of potential apartments in the current area

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"At first, the engineer had wanted to offer apartment suites, however another idea of extravagance rental townhouses with broad luxuries is arranged," the councilor included. "Trantor Realty will build up the venture with Jadco development, a set up extravagance manufacturer. We anticipate that there will be 264 units. Our Planning Advisory Committee has asked for no less than 400 parking spaces."

Building & Construction Machines Manufacturers

This is great news having contractors share together with clients challenges they face in executing construction works.


There is no question that ZONING allowing high rise apartment buildings demand a higher value for the land and if the land belongs to the city , thus the city benefits by securing a higher price. However, in consideration for the already high traffic in this narrow corridor , existing resident concerns. zoning for private homes or townhouses would have made more sense but I guess MONEY TALKS. I suggest that City Counsel fell short on thinking of resident concerns and already traffic issues in the area.Where was Mike Cohen the rep for this district ?

Mike Cohen

David the zoning for these highrises was adopted 30 years ago for a man you thought very highly of - Mayor Lang. There was no legal route to stop the development. If there was, I would have pushed for it. Instead we have overseen their work with strict guidelines.


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Thanks for sharing!

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