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Work will begin soon to break down hill in snow dump

With warm weather finally upon us, our Public Works Department will soon begin the job of breaking up the large mountain of dirty snow in the snow dump on Marc Chagall Avenue.
John Monteiro, our head of operations in Public Works, spent some time at the dump on May 11 with staffer Thierry Dhaisne. The inspected the ditches around the perimeter of the dump that capture the melting snow. These ditches are functioning properly and the water from the melting snow is making its way to the north west corner of the snow dump where it is draining into the city sewer. We will now be calling in a contractor with a large shovel who will breakup the remaining snow and accelerate the melting process. We will take advantage at the same time and clean any leaves at the bottom of the ditches.
Once  all  of the snow has melted we will then pickup all remaining debris in the snow dump from our snow removal operations. Attached are some pictures of the running water in the ditches.
East ditch(southbound)
East ditch(northbound)
North ditch with drainage pipe to city sewer
North west corner of dump that drains all water into city sewer from ditches. You can see the steady stream of water from the north ditch and the water is draining properly into the city sewer.
Thank you John, Thierry and Director of Public Works Beatrice Newman  


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