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Six storey apartment building almost set to go at Quartier Cavendish development

Ron Basal of the BSR Group, a leading Montreal based developer who has been extensively active in Côte Saint Luc in recent years, is ready to proceed with the construction of a brand new  six storey apartment building on The Avenue right across from the side entrance to Quartier Cavendish.

Ron Basal on site of his next development.

Ron told me he hopes to have the facility ready for occupancy by July 2017. He is presently waiting for City Council to approve a number of items related to the construction. Most of the Quartier Cavendish development sector falls under my District 2. This includes Park Place, Jubilee and now this new mixed use building, which will consist of 90 dwelling units on six floors (plus penthouse) as well as a main floor  for commercial use.  Tenants there will be determined.  Ron says that the management of the Quartier Cavendish will take care of any of these commercial leases.

This will be a major construction project that will last beyond this summer and into next year. A two storey underground parking lot is also part of the plans therefore, once excavation begins, there will be a significant amount of large truck traffic and associated nuisances during this time. We will be asking for the public’s patience during these early phases as a certain level of noise and dust and dirt is unavoidable on a project of this scale. We will of course, as we always do, work closely with the builder to keep the nuisances to an absolute minimum.

The remainder of the concordance bylaw is nearly complete and we hope to able to give a complete green light by June.   

Ron told me that the all cement structure will be home residents seeking luxurious living who don`t want to tie up funds in a condo. There will be a 24 hour security guard, an indoor pool, a sauna, shabbat elevators and common barbeque pit.   “There is already a lot of interest,” Ron told me when we spoke at the site. “A few people have already locked in units. What a fabulous location, just steps away from the entrance of the Quartier.”


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Elaine Lang

Can we put our name down we are very interested in renting

Michael J. Cohen

You will have to contact BSR Developments yourself

An ass hole

Basal! Mother fucker!

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