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Thanks to Aviva Engel, the communications director for Hebrew Academy School on Kellert Avenue in Côte Saint-Luc, for this submission.

Months of collaboration, hard work and creative planning by Hebrew Academy faculty, staff and students came to fruitionon Wednesday night, at Hebrew Academy Elementary School’s first-ever school-wide exhibition From Generation to Generation.  Open to students’ extended families and friends, the trilingual, cross-curricular exhibit represented the culmination of hours of research, study and innovative work on the impact of generations past, present and future.


“We chose the theme ‘From Generation to Generation’ as it provided us with the opportunity to celebrate our students’ legacies as part of their own families as well as part of our Hebrew Academy family,” said Elementary Director of French Studies and Academics Miriam Schrager.  “This exhibit is a celebration of our students’ identities which have been developed and nurtured over many generations.”

The timing of the exhibit aptly coincided with Pesach, a holiday where the theme of generations is central. “We learn from our past to live in the present and to teach for the future,” said Elementary Director Judaic Studies Jordana Levy.  “Our generational exhibition displayed timeless and precious gems from our eternal Torah, our rich Mesorah (Traditions) and our cherished family lessons, values and artifacts.”


Highlights of the multimedia event included displays by all classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6 exploring family traditions, artefacts and recipes passed down from generations, a timeline of Jewish history, biographies about global influencers, inventions, students’ time capsules, family albums, superheroes of the future, inspirational family members, proverbs that have stood the test of time and the toponymy of streets in Côte-Saint-Luc, among others exhibits.

 "The school-wide exhibition was a wonderful opportunity for our staff to collaborate and share their individual expertise to assist one another," said Elementary English Studies and Technology Integration Coordinator Elyse Haber.

Elementary School Principal Shana Joyce agreed. “A collaborative project like the exhibit allows us to celebrate all that we do as a school community. It is an opportunity for students, faculty and parents to be proud of our school and all of the valuable learning that takes place throughout the year. This evening is a culmination of countless of hours of dedication, commitment and enthusiasm on the part of our faculty!”

Myriad visitors entering the exhibit literally gasped in awe at the beauty and vibrancy of the presentations. From life-size street signs to an elegant Seder Table, an enormous family tree and a giant hand-sewn quilt, the display reflected hours upon hours of hard work and dedication on the part of all presenters.

“Mazal tov to all the students and staff on their hard work and the wonderful results,” wrote Hebrew Academy grandparent Miriam Safran in an email to the school. “What a great accomplishment. You should all be very proud. The room was a masterpiece, a historical museum.”

Hebrew Academy parent Philippe Levy praised the people behind the exhibiion on Hebrew Academy’s Facebook page. “The effort and attention to detail made by the teachers for the presentation of this exhibition was outstanding,” he commented.  “Not to mention all of the wonderful creations the kids prepared. Congratulations to all involved!”


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