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Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind jump starts Brain Awareness Week

On March 3,  as a prelude to Brain Awareness Week, Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind Show was recently brought in to entertain the residents of Saint Patrick Square (SPSquare). Located at 6767 Côte St. Luc Road, SPSquare is designed for  autonomous individuals, ages 55 plus.

Jonathan and an enthusiastic resident. (Photos by Jeffrey May)

During his 60 minute show, Jonathan Levey demonstrated the power of the mind, reading the thoughts and images “locked” in the minds of his audience, determining with high accuracy if people were telling a lie or a truth, perceiving personal objects held between his hands while his eyes were shut tight by bandages and a steel blindfold. Volunteers also had opportunities to test their own sensitivity on stage during several “experiments.” 


Wearing a stainless steel blindfold, Jonathan demonstrates his mind-boggling abilities.  With the help of an enthused volunteer, he determines the type of objects  being held out… in this case, a wooden cane

This was Jonathan’s second visit to this wonderful residence and he was delighted to find these residents just as warm and responsive as the first time. 

If you know of a private, business or non-profit organization that might benefit from Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind Show, you can reach Jonathan directly at:  514-944-5525  and you can view additional photos and videos on his website at:  and  on Facebook at:

See this slideshow.

 Jonathan was recently on CJAD's The Exchange with Dave Kaufman. Fast forward to the 1:30 mark and listen.







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Jeffrey May

The show was great fun! Happy I could be there and lots of fun taking all those photos!

- J. May :)

Jonathan Levey

Thanks for posting this info and the corresponding links, Mike Cohen. With your help, Jonathan's Mysteries of the Mind show will no longer be the best kept secret in town! ;) Seriously. Many thanks!

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