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January 26, 2016


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Naomi Schwartz

We need a good restaurant in Cavendish Mall and Winners would also be nice


As a former member of MCC until it's closing, it was apparent that things were not going well. Little repairs weren't getting done, the third party food/juice bar operators left in October, and then he very sketchy details of a move, with the story always changing. I'm not sure if the very attractive membership deal they were running in December was a last ditch effort to save mcc or foe les honorable reasons. Keep in mind that not all members received the email. Most people learned by word of mouth about the ability to cancel memberships. Sad story.
Hopefully west end will be able to offer something nicer than their current offering at reasonable rates. Competition is good, we need more gyms in the area.


winners oh my im gonna go broke

Gil bauer

It would be nice to see a Tim's, open 24 hrs, with a drive-through window in the back lane


West End opened today and it was great! The smiles and pleasantries from Dennis and the staff with their positive attitudes were so refreshing...

Never would have expected that they would start up so quickly, knowing the state of the premises that they inherited.

Kudos to them for allowing us the continuity of our exercise regimes.

I don't mind working out during small renovations. The pool is set to open in a few weeks.

Good luck to the team


Mike Cohen! Who paid you for this article?
Limited to 2000 people? never heard anything like that! Is it done in purpose to scare people to accept very high membership rate?
West End was a miserable gym, stinky with old equipment. Now they are trying to get people, playing on someones bad luck(MCC Fit)Nobody really knows what happened why instead of 10 years MCC suddenly moved out after only 4. I feel sorry for them It was a good gym , and I hope they will find a new location

Pres Jordan

MCC fit lied everyone. They are 100 pct scammers - took our money, processed some "refund" only on a credit card, the next day disappeared and no one received that "refund" actually. Everyone disputes with their credit cards but it might take another month until this refund becomes available. Can not believe that an operating company is left to fool everyone and the system can not stop it. Also no any public information on that - no any statement from someone - no any article about them. Who should start this investigation? How come this company was left to fly their posters on Bureau en Gros for weeks? Where is Cartier Cavendish in all that scheme - did they receive some portion as well? All the customers got scammed ... With no money and no gym


It's the biggest mistake Dennis has done by relocating and moving to MCC location .
Many members were not happy with the unexpected news since rumors were flying about West end moving and many members either didn't renew or just stopped coming
West End gym was always jam packed at the Cote St Luc Mall it was convenient and it was in a better place where crowds always go too.
MCC never moved into Bureau en Gros at Quartier Cavendish as they took the money and ran and deceived their members. Now whenever I go there there is always a total of 10 people or less and I heard a few people call it DEAD END GYM there are rumors he will dig his grave and pull the same thing MCC did to their members and also heard they might move back to the cote st luc mall since many members found it convenient there compared to being far and having no exposure at all! Now they increased their membership to 600$ which is crazy and no one told them to move. They got lucky by taking second hand machines but lack of members showing up is a sign that DEAD END GYM is indeed DEAD! I am not happy and many unhappy members are not happy I don't know what Myra is saying unless you are smoking high on some illegal substances. The swimming pool is not open. Their is no restaurant bistro open and no squah racquetball. I feel West End gym might do the same thing MCC did to its members so I will start a petition to have West end gym go back to the CSL shopping center as they were there


West End Gym aka Dead End Gym or West End Cavendish will probably pull the same antics and schemes like their predecessor MCC before who occupied it there as repairs were not done and the operator left from the juice bar! I been there over a year and the place is like a cemetery the jewish Owner Marty is the biggest joke ever he is a cheapsake saw him wearing the same clothes and I didn't recognize him as I thought it was the Janitor since he looks like one!
I see this west end Cavendish gym RIP soon now with Econofitness across from them they do not stand a chance with heavy competition franchise chain like them! The staff is rude Dave, Orlando, Marty's daughter whatever her name is etc. Been going there for years and I will be heading to Econofitness for a better price and more people as it is always crowded! Even the special deals they advertise are bogus there is always strings attached and they are not honest with their customers! My rating 2/10 ** Don't bother with West End Gym


West End gym is now called by many dissatisfied members Dead End Cavendish or Dead End Gym which is close to bankruptcy to close down soon. This jewish prick owner decided that greedy get greedier and thus move location to a dead part of the area near Cavendish where a friend of mine works across the street at EconoFitness who told me that gym won't last long since they lost 80% of their clients. The gym is always dead and aerobic classes are 1 a week which barely is surviving. A friend of mine has been having constant problems with them as members don't know or are intentionally causing issues with members cause they don't know or refuse to update members info on the computer. Nothing gets updated and he was not allowed to be admitted? LOL! This ain't a bar it's a fucking gym!Marty has been causing problems with many members and I am surprised no one beat the shit out of that little greedy jewish midget who is 5 feet 4 standing! But hey it's so bad at Dead End Gym that many don't work for him and has his brainless unattractive overweight daughter working behind the desk lol


Am stunned to read the comments from haters (or commpetitors) when in fact WEC gym is ACTUALLY a beautiful, fully equiped sports venue with a helpful family attitude.
People should actually check it out and see for themselves. At 29.95 per month (24.95 for students) and with all the renovations they have done it's the best investment.
PS. at least check the website to see how wrong the haters are.

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