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Work on Kildare and Cavendish to occur on October 27

A very noticeable water  valve leak at the corner of Kildare Road and Cavendish Boulevard will be repaired on October 27 and 28. A total of 574 tenants in four buildings will be affected as the water needs to be cut for about 11 hours.  This will not be done before 7:30 p.m. and plans call for it to be back by 6 am.  Letters detailing the procedure, including a boil water advisory, will be distributed.

Those living in the following apartments  will be affected: 5740 Cavendish (Chartwell Le Castel Royale),     5720  and 5740 Rembrandt and 6600 Kildare (The Seasons). Some houses may be affected as well.

Our Urban Development Department has been working diligently on this dossier for the past week. It will ensure the proper signage is posted. As well, Public Security will work on any traffic control we need. Since this is a major cross-section, we need to have a specific signage plan in place.

 The following letter went out to residents:

Water service will be temporarily stopped between this Tuesday at 7:30pm until Wednesday morning at 6am at these addresses:
• 6600 Kildare
• 5740 Cavendish
• 5720 Rembrandt
• 5740 Rembrandt
Water service will be temporarily stopped between this Tuesday at 7:30pm until Wednesday until Wednesday at 5pm, at the latest at these addresses:  The south side of Kildare between Cavendish and Shalom, and 5740 and 5760 Kellert
When the water returns, we recommend you boil it for 1 minute over next the 48 hours. Or simply use bottled water to drink, brush your teeth, make ice and to prepare and cook food.
For more information, refer to letter we sent to those affected addresses on Friday.
* * *
L'eau sera temporairement coupé ce mardi soir à 19 h jusqu'à 6 h mercredi matin aux adresses suivantes :
• 6600 Kildare
• 5740 Cavendish
• 5720 Rembrandt
• 5740 Rembrandt
Et du mardi soir à 19 h jusqu'à 17h mercredi au plus tard sur la cote sud de Kildare entre Cavendish et Shalom, et 5740 et 5760 Kellert.
Au retour de l’eau, nous vous conseillons de la faire bouillir pour une minute et ce pendant 48 heures ou utilisez de l’eau en bouteille pour boire, vous brosser les dents, faire des glaçons ou préparer et cuisiner tout aliment. 
Pour plus d’information, consultez la lettre que vous avez reçue à votre porte vendredi. 




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