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Mega Garage Sale proceeds despite frigid weather

Mother Nature delivered some unpleasant weather for the annual Côte Saint-Luc Mega Garage Sale on Sunday, May 31 at the "covered" Confederation Annex of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park, 6985 Mackle Rd. While it rained only briefly, the temperature was  below 10 celcius - a far cry from the plus 30 the day before. I felt badly for all of the vendors wearing layers of clothing, including gloves. 

There were 60 tables set up under the roof of the Confederation Annex. Prepared food was available on site.

Crowds check out the booths.

Again this year, the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library had a table and was selling used books. The funds collected by the sale of used books will go towards the purchase of a piano for the library.

Books up for grabs at the library table.

The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee was present to promote our trap, neuter and release or adopt program. Proceeds from our sales went to that program.

Rebecca Katz, Renee Karp Katz, Fern Pereira, Lydia Ghazal and myself.

Some of the tables had pretty impressive merchandise. Despite the cool weather, people came out and did the tour. Hats off to our Parks and Recreation Department for once again steering the ship.

The annual Mega Garage Sale was  launched in 2007. 


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Michael Black

It was cold.

I made the effort to get up there, and having it on a Sunday meant
there weren't other garage sales going on elsewhere that I'd likely go for.

But I was disappointed.

Not enough people bothered to price their items. I want to know up front. So I ended up buying only a few things, because they were priced. That DVD recorder likely never sold, no price on it, and perhaps I was the only one tempted.

And too many of the tables appeared to be dealers. I recognized one woman from similar sales elsewhere, and a table with a box of routers seemed likely in the same category. This is subjective, but it felt less like attending multiple garage sales. I really like the cluster effect, but that's diminished if the sellers (and merchandise) can be found at other such sales.

And I was looking for the library. I seem to have missed them, in a corner from that picture. I did see one table with boxes of books, but in retrospect that wasn't the library. I've been to a few of their recent sales (at the library), and the collection is much greater than the talk might indicate.


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