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Housefather shines at YM-YWHA Indoor TrYathlon for special needs

Erin Godfrey Silverstone, the social media marketing manager for the Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre and a proud resident of District 2, reports to us on the recent YM-YWHA Indoor TrYathlon. The event  brought Montrealers together to raise money for Special Needs Programming at the Y. 

Participants arrived in teams and as individuals to complete the 15 minute swim, 30 minute bike, and 20 minute run. Volunteers cheered everyone on and a terrific spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition filled the air.

Mayor Housefather (left) with the Y's Director of Financial Resource Development, Neil Uditsky,

Anthony Housefather, Mayor of Cote Saint Luc,  Liberal Candidate for Mount Royal riding and he too a resident of District 2, showed everyone why he is the reigning Maccabiah Games Masters Swim champion, as he set the pace in the pool with an astounding 46 laps (1.15 km). Ann Walling was just 5 laps back, at 1.025 km. Laura Telio outdistanced a number of seasoned cyclists with 15.8 km in the bike and Elise Levinoff sprinted past the competition by running 4.46 km in 20 minutes.

When asked about the experience, Mayor Housefather (who was first in the men’s division but ended the TrYathlon in second place just 0.1 of a km behind Cheryl Polansky, the overall winner and women’s champion) told Erin: “I entered the event because I believe in giving back to the Jewish community. The TrYathlon raised money to help people in the Y’s Special Needs Program integrate into the community. I encourage others to find a way to get involved and help make a difference.”

The Y is a not-for-profit organization that plays a prominent role in the life of the Jewish community in Montreal, upholding a long, rich history of Jewish values and traditions for more than 100 years. The Y enhances the lives of people of all ages by offering exceptional children’s camps, world-class athletic and young leadership programs, special needs programming, and by reintegrating recent immigrants into its family.


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