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November 2014

Mayor Housefather wins Mount Royal Liberal nomination

Last March Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather stood before a group of supporters at the Quartier Cavendish and announced that he planned to seek the Federal Liberal nomination in the riding of Mount Royal. He did so  with the knowledge that incumbent Irwin Cotler would not be seeking a  new mandate when the next election is held, likely next October.

From that point on Anthony developed a machine, signed up about 3,000 members and waited for news when the party would call a nomination meeting. Last summer Jonathan Goldbloom, a highly respected and successful public relations professional, threw his hat in the ring. The  race was on.

The much anticipated nomination day arrived on Sunday, November 30. Voting took place simultaneously at the Côte Saint-Luc Aquatic and Community Centre and the Côte des Neiges Community Centre. In the end, Anthony prevailed by a substantial margin.There were 1,948 votes cast and 20 ballots rejected.

Anthony team
Members of council, Sidney Margles and Matthew Erdelyi celebrate with the mayor.

I have had the privilege of serving on Mayor Housefather’s council for nine years now so I know what he is capable of. Becoming the next MP for Mount Royal has been a dream of  his. Now he is one step closer, but recognizing that the Conservative Party of candidate will represent a formidable opposition be it Robert Libman or Beryl Wajsman, the two declared candidates for that party’s nomination.

Jonathan Goldbloom, Irwin Cotler and Anthony Housefather.

Goldbloom was gracious in defeat. He lauded the fact that some 4,500 people signed up as Liberal Party members for this nomination and urged everyone to get behind Anthony for the next election.

Goldbloom deserves a lot of credit for showing the courage to run against such a star candidate like Anthony.

People line up to vote.

Anthony, who never once took this victory as a certainty, thanked his tireless campaign manager Sidney Margles, chief organizer Councillor Mitchell Brownstein, his parents and endless list of campaign workers. He made special mention of people like Mark and Bonnie Merson and others like them who delayed their departures to Florida in order to be part of the nomination day team.


Anthony remains our mayor and will stay in office until after the next federal election.

You can also see Councillor  Glenn J. Nashen's blog.













Supporting Anthony Housefather as the Federal Liberal candidate for Mount Royal

On Sunday November 30, 2014,the candidate for the Federal Liberal Party in the Mount Royal riding will finally be known. The letter below, which I support, explains why Côte Saint-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather is the right man to carry the Liberal banner in the next federal election.

Mayor Housefather and key campaign architect Sidney Margles.

Dear members of the Liberal party of Canada in Mount Royal riding

This Sunday is a very important day in the future of the Mount Royal riding and indeed of our country. You are being called upon to select the candidate for the Federal Liberal party in next year’s General Election.

We, the undersigned, active members of the community in which we live – along with thousands of others – stand united in full support of Anthony Housefather, and here is why:

Anthony is from and lives in the Mount Royal riding. He understands its diverse population that includes a multitude of religious and ethnic groups, from Jews to Filipinos, from Armenians to Italians, from Lebanese to Greeks, some native to Canada and some newcomers – all who help make up the multicultural Canada of which we can be proud.

Anthony’s commitment, dedication, and accomplishments on your behalf are exemplary and beyond compare. He is well respected amongst the other Mayors and councillors on the island for his honesty, integrity, and his leadership on island-wide issues.

Anthony Housefather is known far and wide, not only for having excelled as a political leader in the civic arena for some 20 years, but as a well-thought-out and outspoken leader on such national issues as Canadian unity, minority language rights, transport policy and emergency preparedness.

Anthony was a leader against municipal mergers to the benefit of Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead and the Town of Mount Royal. He successfully led the province-wide coalition of municipalities against the PQ’s attempt to remove bilingual status from municipalities and against the PQ’s so-called Charter of Values.

As a graduate of the Jewish Day School system in Montreal, and recent 7-medal winner at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, his staunch support for Israel is without question and he will continue to advocate for and stand shoulder to shoulder with the State of Israel in pursuit of an enduring peaceful coexistence with its neighbours.

Articulate, outspoken, honest, ethical and a man of integrity: all describe Anthony.

As a senior executive of a multi-national company, Anthony also has a wealth of international business experience, and has great familiarity in dealing with people from all over the world from various backgrounds and cultures.

Combined with two law degrees and an M.B. A., he has an enviable record of achievement that he hopes to build on as our representative in the House of Commons next year.

So we ask you to join us this coming Sunday in voting for Anthony Housefather and thus take part in shaping the future of the Mount Royal riding and our country.

Voting takes place between 12:30 and 4 pm at either the CSL gym at 7500 Mackle or the Montreal sports complex at 4880 Van Horne, just west of Victoria.  We hope to see you there!

MAYORS: George Bourelle, Beaconsfield;  Robert Coutu, Montreal East   Jane Guest, Senneville; Ed Janiszewski, Dollard des Ormeaux;  Beny Masella, Montreal West;  Edgar Rouleau, Dorval; Peter Trent, Westmount;  Morris Trudeau, Pointe-Claire; Maria Tutino, Baie d’Urfe CITY COUNCILLORS:  Dida Berku, Mitchell Brownstein, Mike Cohen, Steven Erdelyi, Sam Goldbloom, Ruth Kovac, Allan J. Levine, Glenn J. Nashen from Cote Saint-Luc. Warren Budning, Jack Edery, Leon Elfassy, Michael Goldwax, Karen Zajdman from Hampstead.  Minh Diem Le-Thi from Town of Mount Royal.  FORMER MAYOR:  Bill McMurchie, Pointe Claire.  FORMER COUNCILLORS:  Isadore Goldberg, David Klinger, Joe Panunto from Cote Saint-Luc. Clifford Borden, Bonnie Feigenbaum, Abe Gonshor, Barbara Seal, David Sternthal, Lillian Vineberg from Hampstead. Cliff Carrie, Sidney Margles from Town of Mount Royal.  ENGLISH MONTREAL SCHOOL BOARD: Chair Angela Mancini, and Vice-chair Sylvia Lo Bianco, Commisioner Syd Wise, Former Commissioners Marvin Helfenbaum, Ellie Israel. FAMAS leaders Carmelita Cuizon, Nida Quirapas, Dante Tabamo. CITIZENS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE RIDING; Aline Bank, Ron Basal, Peter Benisti, Dr. Michael Bensimon, Rachelle Douek, François Dupuis, Sidney Elhadad, John Elie, Kathy Elie, Jacques Golbert, Maureen Glynn, Dr. Judy Hagshi, Shelly Hershon, Stephen Kinsman, Joan Kouri, Syd Kronish, David Lisbona, Aline Malka, Emile Malka, Merle Margles, Mark Merson, Betty Miller, Nick Papatheodorakis, Dorothy Reitman, Brian G. Salpeter, Dr. Doris Steinberg.

Chers membres du Parti Libéral du Canada dans la circonscription de Mont-Royal

Ce dimanche est un jour déterminant dans l'avenir de la circonscription de Mont-Royal et voir même de notre pays. Vous êtes appelés à choisir le candidat du parti libéral fédéral lors des élections générales de l'année prochaine.

Nous, les soussignés, membres actifs de la communauté dans laquelle nous vivons - avec des milliers d'autres - sommes unis dans notre appui indéfectible pour Anthony Housefather, et voici pourquoi:

Anthony est  de la circonscription de Mont-Royal  où il vit actuellement; Il comprend sa population diversifiée qui inclut une multitude de groupes ethniques et religieux: Juifs, Philippins, Arméniens, Italiens, Grecs, Libanais, etc...certains nés au Canada et d'autres nouveaux arrivants - tous qui contribuent à rendre notre Canada multiculturel dont nous sommes fiers.

L'engagement d'Anthony, son dévouement, ses réalisations en votre nom sont exemplaires et incomparables. Il est respecté parmi les autres maires et conseillers de l'île pour son honnêteté, intégrité, et son leadership sur les questions de l'île.

Anthony Housefather est très bien connu et apprécié de tous, non seulement pour avoir excellé en tant que leader politique dans l'arène civique au cours des 20 dernières années, mais aussi en tant que leader réfléchi avec un franc-parlé sur des questions nationales comme l'unité canadienne, les droits linguistiques de la minorité, politique de transport, et les préparations en cas d'urgence.

Anthony était un leader contre les fusions municipales au profit de Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead et la Ville de Mont-Royal. Il a dirigé, à l'échelle provinciale, avec succès la coalition des municipalités contre la tentative du PQ de retirer le statut bilingue des municipalités et contre la Charte des valeurs.

Il est diplômé du système scolaire juif à Montréal et récent vainqueur de 7 médailles aux Maccabiades en Israël. Son soutien à Israël est inébranlable et il continuera à défendre l'État d'Israël dans la poursuite d'une coexistence pacifique durable avec ses voisins.

Articulé, franc, honnête, éthique et intègre: adjectifs qui décrivent parfaitement Anthony.

En tant que dirigeant d'une société multi-nationale, Anthony a aussi une vaste expérience du commerce international, il est à l'aise dans ses interactions avec des gens de partout dans le monde ayant diverses origines et cultures.

Titulaire de deux diplômes en droit et un M.B. A., il a à son actif un bilan enviable de réussites qu'il espère continuer d'accumuler en tant que notre représentant à la Chambre des communes l'an prochain.

Donc, nous vous demandons de vous joindre à nous ce dimanche en votant pour Anthony Housefather et ainsi être partie prenante du façonnement de l'avenir de Mont-Royal  et notre pays.

Le vote aura lieu de 12:30 à 16:00 au gymnase de CSL situé au 7500 chemin Mackle ou au complexe sportif de Montréal situé au 4880 Van Horne, juste à l'ouest de Victoria. Nous espérons vous y voir!

Keeping an eye on traffic on Sir Walter Scott Avenue

Last summer I commissioned an in-house traffic study on Sir Walter Scott Avenue, following some concerns raised over speeding by both residents of this street and Ilan Ramon Crescent. Are traffic calming devices such as speed bumps or humps needed?

The study showed that the average number of cars per day was around 700 , which means a lot of people are coming and going as we knew. We usually use 10 km/h over the 85th percentile as our rough indicator of whether traffic calming is warranted or not. In our case, the 85th percentile was around 48 km/h, so not overly fast , but very near the mark. People seem to be driving faster in the south direction on average. I will discuss this with council and senior staff over the winter to see what kind of action we will take in the spring.

Our coordinator of Urban Development Eric Ibey has provided major support on this dossier. He is the city’s de facto traffic guru. Last June he was a special guest at my District 2 Information meeting. He listens to the concerns of residents and even goes to meet them when warranted.

Eric has enacted some interim measures, taking away the two or three parking spots that were between Ilan Ramon  and the stop sign on Kildare Road, on the west side  Sir Walter Scott. We believe this will improve visibility for people turning out of Ilan Ramon and create more room for people exiting and entering from Kildare.

Over the summer we had allowed parking on both sides of the street  on Sir Walter Scott. We made it clear this was being done strictly to accommodate the residents of the building at 6600 Kildare Road as their garage was being repaired. Work on that project is now complete so we restored the no parking rules as they were before.


EMSB Swearing in Ceremony and Special Board Meeting on Monday, November 17, 2014



Members of the newly constituted Council of Commissioners of the  English Montreal School Board (EMSB) will be sworn in on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 6000 Fielding Avenue.

The Chairman and members of Council will take their oaths beginning at 7 p.m. 

A special Board meeting will follow.  See below.

Download Special Board Meeting Agenda Nov 17, 2014


Marking Remembrance Day in Côte Saint-Luc

I attended Remembrance Day ceremonies at Veteran's Park in Côte Saint-Luc on November 11. In past years the weather has been cold and the turnout dismal.

This year, at a time when some members of our military have lost their lives due to homegrown terrorists, Remembrance Day took on a new meaning across the country. In Côte Saint-Luc, warm temperatures for this time of year graced our morning. Our own veterans were out in force, headed by president Frank Levine. We also had a nice turnout from our Volunteer Citizens on Patrol (vCops),  senior staff and Police Station 9 Commander Marc Cournoyer. Councillors Mitchell Brownstein, Allan J. Levine, Sam Goldbloom and I represented council.  This was a very brief ceremony. We laid wreaths and heard the last post via trumpet. President Levine thanked all for coming and we went our separate ways, all expressing deep appreciation for the role our veterans have played in different wars.

Members of council with veterans, Police Commander Cournoyer and Public Safety officials.

It is sad to think that today, with terrorism rearing its ugly head around the world, young Canadian soldiers are being sent out to battle...sad because it ensures that we will be marking Remembrance Day for many generations to come.










2014 Maisons Fleuries Contest winners "flowered" with awards

I was pleased to co-chair  with Councillor Allan J. Levine this year’s Maisons Fleuries Contest, which recognizes the superb floral arrangements at homes, condominiums, apartments and business complexes. Whereas pre-registration was required in the past to qualify for  an award, this year  everyone who planted something was eligible as our judges fanned across the city to evaluate.

Kevin Shustack and Anisa Cameron.

On Monday, November 3, the Mayor and Council hosted the annual Awards ceremony at the Aquatic and Community Centre. In order to jazz things up, we welcomed the Gravy on the Side Variety Hour with Anisa Cameron, Kevin Shustack and Brandon Schwartz. This group, an offshoot of the Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society, performs on occasional Saturday evenings at City Hall. For the purpose of the Awards ceremony  they came up with a funny shtick in which Anisa and Kevin told made some  lighthearted jokes about CSL, the councillors and our districts while Brandon played the  keyboard. The recurring theme was “We are the Champions.”

George displays his beautiful painting made especially for our ceremony.

The room was beautifully decorated thanks to the talents of  George Deligeorge, who created an enormous masterpiece banner especially for Maison Fleuries which required countless hours of work and dedication. This is George’s 30th year as an arts teacher in the city and the room was also dotted with works from his students. George’s students stay with him for years, bringing their children and sometimes their grandchildren. In some classes, his students have represented three generations. Many speak of George's "kindness know-how and patience,” and that his classes provide a safe yet exciting space where they can evolve as painters and sculptors.

Louise Ferland is thanked by Mayor Housefather.

We recognized George and  Louise Ferland, who was on the committee that created Maisons Fleuries 30 years ago. She has been an outstanding asset to this event and production. Although Louise although retired from the city, she  remains extremely active within this event and spent countless hours revising all of the plans and judging for the contest. Louise and her partner Sammy Pinsky were judges this year along with Joan and Bernie King, Roslyn Guttman, Bonnie Nobel, Linda Maislin, David Guttman, Sandra Segal, Alice Schwarcz, Roz Kasner, Mark Bessner and our team of Volunteer Citizens on Patrol. 

Co-Chair Allan J. Levine joins me in thanking Tony Ciavattella of Les Entreprises Canbec.

The event’s sponsors were also acknowledged:  Les Entreprises Canbec Construction, represented by  Tony Ciavattella and CMS  Entrepreneur Generaux Incorporé  

We had the following categories this year: apartment / condo; seniors buildings;   commercial and public buildings;  churches / hospitals / synagogues; townhouses;  single family and semi-detached dwellings; and duplexes;

Among the winners in District 2 were

Condominium and Apartment and Category

Le Rothchild I  at 6500 Mackle Rd

Seniors Residence Category

Third place: Manoire Montefiore  at 5885 Cavendish Blvd

Commercial and Public Building Category

Third place:  Quartier Cavendish

I handed out the first prize to Karina Pinsonneault of Canada Trust at 5500 Côte Saint-Luc Road.

Karina Pinsonneault

Overall Courtyard Townhouses

Second Place: Mike and Bluma Litvack  from Cambridge Courts on Mackle Road

Mike and Bluma Litvack.

First Place Tie: Sandy and Bob Lubarsky and their neighbours Jason and Carol Balinsky from Cambridge Courts on Mackle Road

Bob and Sandy Lubarsky.

Single Family & Semi-Detached Homes:

Second  Place, 5777 Ilan Ramon Crescent and

First Place,  5794 Ilan Ramon Crescent

A big thanks to Director of Parks and Recreation David Taveroff, lead staff persons on the event Cornelia Ziga and Laura Trihas, photographer Rami Negev and our technical guru Maurizio Giobbi.


Honouring our Volunteers

I have always been a big believer in recognizing volunteers and in the City of Côte Saint-Luc we have a large and devoted group of individuals who make our various programs run smoothly and effectively.

AH Kayla
Mayor Housefather and Kayla Segal.

On November 1 we held a Volunteer Recognition Evening in our gymnasium on Parkhaven Avenue, nicely spruced up for the occasion. Councillors Ruth Kovac and Mitchell Brownstein co-chaired the  event and hats off to our  wonderful Parks and Recreation and Communications and Public Affairs Departments for all of the hard work they did to make this happen.

Dancing the night away.

With nice background music and the names of every single volunteer being flashed on two screens, guests filed in the room and were greeted by Mayor Anthony Housefather and members of council. There was a light buffet and a chance for people to enjoy some nice conversation at their tables before the highlight of the evening, the awards presentations.

Here were the winners

The William E. Kesler Memorial Trophy recognizes a volunteer for their exceptional contribution to the Côte Saint-Luc Parks and Recreation special events programs went to Irving Schok, who helps organize the annual Valentine’s Day Dance and countless other activities.

Irving was "Schoked" by the award.

The Royal Canadian Legion Brigadier Frederick Kisch Branch 97 Award recognizes the Youth Volunteer of the Year and a leader of tomorrow for outstanding efforts in making a difference in Côte Saint-Luc. It went to  Alexandra Cohen, who as a member of the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee, Alexandra produced a nationally recognized  film interviewing professionals and volunteers about homeless cats and about the Côte Saint-Luc Trap, Neuter, Release/Adopt Program.  

Alexandra Cohen

The Socio-Cultural Award recognizes a volunteer for their exceptional contribution to socio-cultural programs in Côte Saint-Luc. It went to Shayamera Navaratnam, who helps out at the Reading Buddy Program.

Shayamera Navaratnam
Shayamera Navaratnam

The Special Recognition Award went to Sid Rath, who wears many hat at the CSL Tennis Club.

The Special Recognition Award went to devoted Volunteer Citizens on Patrol (vCOP) member Lewis Cohen.

Lewis Cohen

The Hazel Lipes Award recognizes a volunteer for their exceptional contribution to the Community Services Programs. The winner was Paula Shuster, a devoted ambassador for   the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library.

Paula Shuster
Paula Shuster

The EMS Award  (Excellence in Operations), went to Robert Rousseau. 

Robert Rousseau

The EMS Award  (Excellence in Training), went to Jasmit Heera.

Jasmit Heera.

The vCOP Award went to Elaine Meunier.

Elaine Meunier

 The Sports Award recognizes a volunteer for exceptional contributions to the community sports programs went to coach Ron Aberback.

Ron Aberback

The Stewart Mankofsky Memorial Award, presented to the athlete and volunteer who best exemplifies the qualities of dedication, sportsmanship, and love of competition, went  to swimmer and swim coach Alexandre Grant.

Alexandre Grant

The Volunteer of the Year – (Aquatics Program)  went to Laurence Orefice.

Laurence Orefice
Laurence Orefice

The Ambassador of the Year went to Amos Sochaczesvki, who has a longstanding history of involvement in community affairs, dating back to the years he spent as  a member of the Côte Saint-Luc Community Leisure Council and as a volunteer in the city's various sports programs. In 1986 he purchased The Suburban Newspaper. His pride in joy is the  The Jewish Unity Partnership, an  organization he established to coordinate the annual Israel Anniversary Rally which attracts up to 10,000 people each spring. Amos not only heads the committee, he funds the entire event.   

Amos Sochaczevski

The Edward J. Kirwan Award for the Volunteer of the Year who made an exceptional contribution to the community Parks and  Recreation Program went to Victor Waisgrus, a tireless worker in the minor hockey program.

Victor Waisgrus

The Lifetime Achievement went to ageless 90 something year old Jack Budovitch who never stops working, be it for the local Legion, the Senior Men’s Club or Combined Jewish Appeal.

Jack Budovitch

“When we were in school, we were taught that every narrative had to have the five  w 's – who, what,  when, where and why??” stated Councillor Kovac. “Who are they? The five year old who sees a sad child in the classroom and goes over to befriend them..and volunteers their compassion, the senior who drives people to their doctor, those who deliver meals, the parents who coach hockey baseball soccer, the vcops who patrol the streets and the teens who visit seniors. They are everyone.  What do they do?  They  read to patients, help someone cross the street, visit the elderly, support new mothers,  teach about the environment at a farmers market  or community garden, save stray animals and  or help raise funds for various needs. They perform musically or act for our entertainment.  They go door to door for political reasons and give their own blood so that others may live!"

Here is a video link about the award winners.