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Marking Remembrance Day in Côte Saint-Luc

2014 Maisons Fleuries Contest winners "flowered" with awards

I was pleased to co-chair  with Councillor Allan J. Levine this year’s Maisons Fleuries Contest, which recognizes the superb floral arrangements at homes, condominiums, apartments and business complexes. Whereas pre-registration was required in the past to qualify for  an award, this year  everyone who planted something was eligible as our judges fanned across the city to evaluate.

Kevin Shustack and Anisa Cameron.

On Monday, November 3, the Mayor and Council hosted the annual Awards ceremony at the Aquatic and Community Centre. In order to jazz things up, we welcomed the Gravy on the Side Variety Hour with Anisa Cameron, Kevin Shustack and Brandon Schwartz. This group, an offshoot of the Côte Saint-Luc Dramatic Society, performs on occasional Saturday evenings at City Hall. For the purpose of the Awards ceremony  they came up with a funny shtick in which Anisa and Kevin told made some  lighthearted jokes about CSL, the councillors and our districts while Brandon played the  keyboard. The recurring theme was “We are the Champions.”

George displays his beautiful painting made especially for our ceremony.

The room was beautifully decorated thanks to the talents of  George Deligeorge, who created an enormous masterpiece banner especially for Maison Fleuries which required countless hours of work and dedication. This is George’s 30th year as an arts teacher in the city and the room was also dotted with works from his students. George’s students stay with him for years, bringing their children and sometimes their grandchildren. In some classes, his students have represented three generations. Many speak of George's "kindness know-how and patience,” and that his classes provide a safe yet exciting space where they can evolve as painters and sculptors.

Louise Ferland is thanked by Mayor Housefather.

We recognized George and  Louise Ferland, who was on the committee that created Maisons Fleuries 30 years ago. She has been an outstanding asset to this event and production. Although Louise although retired from the city, she  remains extremely active within this event and spent countless hours revising all of the plans and judging for the contest. Louise and her partner Sammy Pinsky were judges this year along with Joan and Bernie King, Roslyn Guttman, Bonnie Nobel, Linda Maislin, David Guttman, Sandra Segal, Alice Schwarcz, Roz Kasner, Mark Bessner and our team of Volunteer Citizens on Patrol. 

Co-Chair Allan J. Levine joins me in thanking Tony Ciavattella of Les Entreprises Canbec.

The event’s sponsors were also acknowledged:  Les Entreprises Canbec Construction, represented by  Tony Ciavattella and CMS  Entrepreneur Generaux Incorporé  

We had the following categories this year: apartment / condo; seniors buildings;   commercial and public buildings;  churches / hospitals / synagogues; townhouses;  single family and semi-detached dwellings; and duplexes;

Among the winners in District 2 were

Condominium and Apartment and Category

Le Rothchild I  at 6500 Mackle Rd

Seniors Residence Category

Third place: Manoire Montefiore  at 5885 Cavendish Blvd

Commercial and Public Building Category

Third place:  Quartier Cavendish

I handed out the first prize to Karina Pinsonneault of Canada Trust at 5500 Côte Saint-Luc Road.

Karina Pinsonneault

Overall Courtyard Townhouses

Second Place: Mike and Bluma Litvack  from Cambridge Courts on Mackle Road

Mike and Bluma Litvack.

First Place Tie: Sandy and Bob Lubarsky and their neighbours Jason and Carol Balinsky from Cambridge Courts on Mackle Road

Bob and Sandy Lubarsky.

Single Family & Semi-Detached Homes:

Second  Place, 5777 Ilan Ramon Crescent and

First Place,  5794 Ilan Ramon Crescent

A big thanks to Director of Parks and Recreation David Taveroff, lead staff persons on the event Cornelia Ziga and Laura Trihas, photographer Rami Negev and our technical guru Maurizio Giobbi.



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