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The Quartier--new housing development and green space takes shape

There is no official name for the housing development on the land which previously housed about 40 percent of the Cavendish Mall. Perhaps we can simply refer to it for now as "The Quartier," since the shopping centre is now officially known as Quartier Cavendish. The developers called it Centrepoint, a name that might stick as well.


Work continues on Jubilee Avenue home.

The new  homes on  Kildare Road, Cavendish, Park Place and Jubilee are all part of District 2 while those on the extended version of Kellert fall under Councillor Glenn J. Nashen's District 6. It has been gratifying to watch this development take shape and I take my hats off to our Urban Development team headed by Charles Senekal for seeing all the work through. It is not yet complete. The  land on The Avenue - the main road leading into the project - facing Yeh! Yogurt is zoned for a  future condo building with mixed use on the ground floor,  and I expect that we will see something occur there in the not too distant future. It is in the hands of developer Joe Levine.

There are presently two future park spaces in the development: at Cavendish and Kildare and Park Place and Kildare. Ruth Kovac Park, situated behind Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation stands to be revamped.

The future site of a new park on Cavendish and Kildare.


Last summer we levelled the land,  brought in new topsoil and then had the spaces seeded. A small park at Cavendish and Kildare could materialize as early as next summer. The other will be done within the next five years.

We are hoping that while the highrise remains simply a future project, that the land will be grassed by the developer.




The newly grassed area on The Avenue.






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Ez Sez

Perhaps this new area it could be called Shmallville?

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