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When discussing Les Cours Marc Chagall, the 21 unit town house complex on Marc Chagall Avenue in Côte Saint-Luc, one must go back a number of years ago when the land was zoned commercial. The original bidder for the privately owned property attempted to have a zoning change adopted, something as the councillor for the district I fully supported. Initially this was not successful so plans moved ahead by the developer to build a strip shopping centre.  Nearby residents were up in arms. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and a majority of council agreed to rezone.

Owners began moving into Les Cours Marc Chagall two years ago. A second set of developers had stepped in.  During the construction they asked the city for permission to use the neighbouring land we own to house their sales trailer and to leave materials.  Long after construction concluded, that patch of land was in pretty poor shape from the debris left over and the vehicles which had driven over it. The height of the land also resulted in a drainage problem affecting the new town house development.


The land next to Les Cours Marc Chagall was given a beautiful facelift

It took a lot of time and money, but we concluded work over the summer which has resulted in a beautiful piece of green space complete with a lovely floral arrangement and a small pathway leading to some comfortable benches. We levelled off the property, put in fresh soil and  hydroseeded  the entire area.

We do have future plans for this area, something we hope to be able to talk about in 2015. It is a project I am very excited about.





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