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September 2014

When discussing Les Cours Marc Chagall, the 21 unit town house complex on Marc Chagall Avenue in Côte Saint-Luc, one must go back a number of years ago when the land was zoned commercial. The original bidder for the privately owned property attempted to have a zoning change adopted, something as the councillor for the district I fully supported. Initially this was not successful so plans moved ahead by the developer to build a strip shopping centre.  Nearby residents were up in arms. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and a majority of council agreed to rezone.

Owners began moving into Les Cours Marc Chagall two years ago. A second set of developers had stepped in.  During the construction they asked the city for permission to use the neighbouring land we own to house their sales trailer and to leave materials.  Long after construction concluded, that patch of land was in pretty poor shape from the debris left over and the vehicles which had driven over it. The height of the land also resulted in a drainage problem affecting the new town house development.


The land next to Les Cours Marc Chagall was given a beautiful facelift

It took a lot of time and money, but we concluded work over the summer which has resulted in a beautiful piece of green space complete with a lovely floral arrangement and a small pathway leading to some comfortable benches. We levelled off the property, put in fresh soil and  hydroseeded  the entire area.

We do have future plans for this area, something we hope to be able to talk about in 2015. It is a project I am very excited about.




CSL launches Mass Notification System

The City of Côte Saint-Luc has launched the CSL Alert Mass Notification System, which allows people to opt-in to receive emergency notifications via phone, text message, or e-mail.
“The system will be used to notify people about imminent threats to health and safety,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “If you have a home phone, mobile phone, or e-mail address, we’ll be able to send you information in an emergency. It is very important for residents to add their contact information to the alert system database.”
CSL Alert billboard 96x48 2014-09

The city has added all public phone numbers in Côte Saint-Luc to the system, such as the ones listed in the phone book. Therefore, most people who live in Côte Saint-Luc will get notified of an emergency by phone without having to sign up for anything.
However, for those whose home phone number is not listed, or who prefer to be notified by mobile phone, text message, or e-mail message, they must add that additional contact information to the system. Visit and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to add contact information to the system.
“Not only can you receive emergency notifications in different ways, but you don’t even have to live in Côte Saint-Luc to receive notifications,” said Councillor Glenn J. Nashen, the council member responsible for emergency preparedness. “If your parents live in Côte Saint-Luc but you live in, say, the West Island, Toronto, or Florida, you can nonetheless sign yourself up to get notifications that affect your parents’ address.”
For more information or to add your phone numbers and e-mail address to the system, visit
We hosted a public information meeting on the subject. There was a small turnout, but you can watch it on this web link ( or via the embedded image below.

CSL Alert poster 11x17 2014-09

$1 million revitalization of Nathan Shuster Park makes it a "destination attraction"

The formal rededication of Nathan Shuster Park in Côte Saint-Luc took place on Sunday, September 14 before an enthusiastic crowd made up of young families, seniors and of course presided over by Mayor Anthony Housefather and members of council.

Ribbon Cut
Members of council and Schoel Shuster take part in the ribbon cutting.

This park is located in District 8, just a few blocks past the border of my own District 2, between Collins Ave. to the south and Wallenberg Ave. to the north. It is near the northern-most part of Cavendish Blvd. The park now includes a zip-line, tube slide, enhanced nature walk trail, and other items for kids. Given that the park sits together with a protected forested area, many of the items play on the forest theme with benches that look like logs sliced in half and a play equipment that looks like a treehouse.

Tree slide
One of the very interesting slides added to the park.

Nathan Shuster Park was originally inaugurated on June 14, 1990. It is named in honour of the late Nathan Shuster who was a city councillor in Côte Saint-Luc from 1964 to 1989. He passed away in 1989 before the end of his term of office. Nathan Shuster's son Schoel, who resides in Toronto, was in attendance with his wife and daughter. His brother intended on joining us, but he came down with the flu. Nathan Shuster’s widow, Tova, resides in a seniors home in Ottawa and according to Schoel at the age of 101 she is still sharp as whistle.

Taking a moment with Tifereth Beth DavidJerusalem Congregation President Judah Aspler and his son Gavi.

I had the great pleasure of knowing Nathan Shuster during his years on council, particularly during the years I covered the affairs of Côte Saint-Luc for The Suburban Newspaper. He was a fine gentleman, adored by his constituents. He represented District 6, now proudly served by Councillor Glenn J. Nashen. Tova actually worked with me at The Suburban, where she was a top-notch sales rep.

Councillor Allan J. Levine and I share a moment with Schoel Shuster.

The impressive $1.02 million makeover of Nathan Shuster Park includes some of the most innovative new equipment for kids on the Montreal island.

“The play equipment we have installed for both younger and older kids at Nathan Shuster Park will make it unique on the island,” Mayor Housefather said.

In order to plan the park, council and staff, and residents engaged in place-making exercises. Place-making is the process of making public places that will attract people and promote their health, happiness, and well-being. District 8 Councillor Ruth Kovac remembers the group conducting the physical tour of the park on a chilly day last February.

A nice view of the beautiful park,

"I am very proud of the way the process that led to the rejuvenation of the park," Councillor Kovac said. "We engaged, discussed, debated and in the end have a great park. I think parents and grandparents will have a lot of great memories here."

Councillor Glenn J. Nashe, daughter Nathalie and zip-lining son Jeremy.

Added Councillor Mitchell Brownstein, the council member responsible for parks and recreation issues: “We think Nathan Shuster Park will attract people from across Côte Saint-Luc who want to experience something different. We think it will become a favourite destination in Côte Saint-Luc, not just for people in the area but from all over our city.”

Thanks to our Director of Public Affairs, IT and Communications Darryl Levine for this terrific video of the opening.




Owners of outdoor cats in CSL implored to purchase license tags

Here is a press release we issued on the two year anniversary of Côte Saint-Luc requiring owners of outdoor cats to purchase licenses.
Owners of outdoor cats are required to buy a licence for their cat, which includes a tag worn around the neck that can be used to help reunite lost cats to their owners.
“I implore cat owners to license their outdoor cats,” said Councillor Mike Cohen, who is responsible for the animal protection portfolio. “We have had some recent success stories about outdoor cats who got lost but were found and reunited with their owners thanks to the tags.”
In late August, Lydia Ghazal, a member of the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee (CSLCC), trapped a cat that had been hanging around her house for some time. The cat was terrified, starving but had a collar and tag around its neck. Diane Liebling, who oversees the CSLCC’s fostering program, took the cat in while Shelley Schecter from Educhat spoke with the city who was able to provide the contact information of the cat owner and they were reunited.
A few days later, the CSLCC was alerted that someone’s Siamese cat had left the home and not returned. Because the owner had purchased a license, it was easier for the CSLCC to assist in the search. Fortunately, the cat came back on its own.
“Personally, I have always had concerns about people who have outdoor cats,” Councillor Cohen said. “I have seen the pain and anguish experienced by some of my own neighbours, whose cats went out at night and never returned. The fact is, if you do insist upon having an outdoor cat then please purchase a license and make sure they are micro chipped by the local veterinarian. It is a small price to pay to significantly increase the odds if your cat goes missing.” 
Outdoor cat
Outdoor cats in the City of Côte Saint-Luc need a cat licence following By-law 2394 that came into effect on November 1, 2012. Owners of outdoor cats must have them registered at City Hall (5801 Cavendish Blvd.) and obtain a cat identification tag, provide relevant information required to process the registration of the cat, and produce a certificate from their veterinarian stipulating that the cat has been spayed or neutered, provided the cat is six months or older.
The annual registration fee is $10 for an outdoor cat that is spayed or neutered and that bears a microchip or a tattoo, $15 for an outdoor cat that is spayed or neutered, but does not bear a microchip or tattoo, and $20 for an outdoor cat that is not spayed or neutered as a result of a medical exemption. The latter alludes to a feline 10 calendar years or older or one that has a medical exemption from the veterinarian attesting to the fact that it cannot be spayed or neutered. Fines will be issued to cat owners not complying with the by-law. They range from a minimum of $40 to a maximum of $1,200. 
For more information about licensing, visit For more information about the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee, visit

Process begins for new Shell Station with car wash and mini-IGA

The absence of a gas station at the corner of Cavendish Boulevard and Mackle Road has really been felt by many Côte Saint-Luc residents. Well there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

City council has adopted the first draft by-law regarding the rezoning of this land, which previously housed a self-serve Esso station and a small depanneur. In its place will be a Shell station with a car wash and a mini-IGA convenience store.


A public consultation meeting will be held soon. Once all of the necessary approvals are given, demolition of the property will commence. We are told to expect completion of the project for next spring or summer.


Honouring a special constituent on the occasion of his 100th birthday

On the occasion of his remarkable 100th birthday, Côte Saint-Luc city council honoured long time District 2 resident Hyman Avrum Fishman at our September 9 meeting.

I present Mr. Fishman with a certificate, surrounded by the mayor and council.

Hy is by no means your average centenarian. He still lives in his own apartment on Sir Walter Scott Avenue, in no need for someone to cook, clean or shop for him. Despite bad knees, he does his best to get around. His longevity may have something to do with him dragging his exercise bike into the hallway right outside his door and riding like the wind for half an hour at least several times a week, if not daily, says his friend and neighbour Bram Eisenthal.

Mr. Fishman and his neighbour Bram Eisenthal.

A number of years ago Hy dedicated two city benches on Kildare Road in honour of his late wife Fay. He can be seen sitting there often during the spring, summer and fall months.

Hy has become something of a defacto grandfather to his two young neighbours, Alexia and David, children of Gina and Nicu. 

“Several of us in his building are very protective of him and we try to keep an eye on him and make sure he is safe and well,” says Eisenthal. “Hy's mind is sharp as a tack and his collecting of pins from around the world may have something to do with his continuing zest for life, something exceeded only by his passion for his beloved Habs.”