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Mourning the passing of former CSL Mayor Bernard Lang

Library launches new Demonstration Garden

Chalk up another impressive initiative for our city and  the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library.

On Sunday, June 8 we inaugurated the CSL Library Demonstration Garden and at the same time held our Second Annual Great Tomato Plant Giveaway. The newly constructed demonstration garden is  located behind the library. Mayor Anthony Housefather and members of council were  on hand for the official ribbon cutting ceremony. A representative from the  TD Friends of the Environment Foundation was on hand to present a $2,250 grant for the project to our amazing librarian and new grandmother Janine West.

TDBank cheque
Receiving a cheque from the TD Bank.

“This garden is an important component of the city-wide urban agriculture initiative launched last year and it is a perfect fit with the library’s mission of discovery and exploration”, says Mayor Housefather. “This vegetable garden is a space where people can learn a variety of gardening techniques through hands on experience.”

Young Matthew Erdelyi helps with the ribbon cutting.


As the councillor responsible for the library,  I am  very proud of this initiative.

Plants were distributed to the first 400 residents to visit the Demonstration Garden (one plant per household and proof of CSL residency required). Residents were able to sign up for gardening classes offered at the library, a space at the community gardens, learn about the seed library and take a tour of the demonstration garden. Kid-friendly activities were also planned.

Lining Up Plants
Lining up for free plants.

“After the difficult winter we have just endured, urban agriculture is a wonderful excuse to spend more time outdoors”, said Councillor Allan J. Levine, who is the councillor responsible for urban agriculture. “We are hoping that all residents participate in this activity, in whatever manner suits them. And if someone isn’t sure that urban agriculture is for them, they can start by volunteering to help maintain the demonstration garden. They   they can start by volunteering to help maintain the demonstration garden. They will learn all the essentials while helping out their community.”

"The timing is perfect to do so because this past week was Canadian Environment Week, a time for grassroots action to help preserve, protect and restore our environment," said Carmela Lo Dico, the branch manager at the Quartier Cavendish TD Bank. "It is important to remember that every effort counts, big or small. And getting involved is the first step towards preserving our environment. The Côte Saint-Luc demonstration garden proposes ideas and activities that we can do that will make a difference.``



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