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First Animal Protection Forum in CSL is Monday, May 5

On Monday, May 5 (7 p.m.) I will host the City of Côte Saint-Luc's first ever Animal Protection Forum in the multi-purpose room of the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library.

Since Mayor Anthony Housefather handed me an actual portfolio dealing with Animal Protection in January, I have been working hard on the dossier. I had already been acting as the formal liaison on council to the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee, an all volunteer group which rescues homeless cats and tries to find homes for them.


Many dog owners have approached me these last few months, so I felt there should be a forum for them in public to discuss important issues. Therefore on Monday it will literally be raining "cats and dogs." Members of the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee will be on hand to share how we have proceeded over the last few years and what our immediate objectives are. Shelley Schecter, the heart and sole of our committee and head of Educhat, will speak. She is also a dog owner. Bram Eisenthal, the publisher of the  very unique Precious Pets Newspaper, will on hand. He recently launched pet grieving sessions. Only a pet owner can understand how devastated you can be when your cherished dog or cat dies. Newly elected D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA David Birnbaum has accepted my invitation to attend. Now that the Liberals are back in power, we can share with David important animal welfare issues he can bring to Pierre Paradis, who as Minister of Agriculture, oversee the animal portfolios.

Cute cat

Monday's sessions will be an opportunity to share ideas. The topic of dog runs will no doubt come up,  as will responsible pet ownership (i.e. picking up after your pet), licenses, adoption opportunities and other issues.

Please feel free to join us.



Animal Protection Forum poster 11x17 2014-04


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