SAQ is closing its doors at the Quartier Cavendish (Mall); new toilet facilities
First Quebec Spay and Neuter Day is February 26

Talented CSL artist Michael Litvack's Library Exhibit


Hats off to the multi-talented Michael Litvack, a resident of Côte Saint-Luc's District 2. An exhibit of his amazing paintings has been extended until May 5   at the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library.


"Being a long time resident of Côte Saint-Luc, beginning in 1955, I have mentally recorded the passing scene around Montreal," Litvack explains. " My exhibit is entitled Memories of the Non-Distant Past, and highlights how things have changed with time, using naive little people as participants.   People who remember Plage Laval, Val Morin, and Lachine from the 40's onward will get a kick out of my style, as well as younger viewers.



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Avraham Goodman

Nice paintings Michael, you are very talented, hatzlacha!

Sheldon Milelr

Mazel Tov Mike. With your style even "Les Expos" can come alive (as you have proven)!

Sharon Lande Shrybman

Congrats Michael..... I'm sure that you will be famous real soon! Your work is just amazing.

Marti Garaughty

I love his whimsical portraits of Montreal. Sorry to read about "OQLF bans English words on painting"

Since when do works of art = "signs"??? The OQLF's level of pettiness, paranoia and insecurity has gone from draconian to beyond laughable!

Bill Conrod

Just came across your site, Michael. Great paintings! Have you ever done one of Queen Mary and Decarie corner? Or a local outdoor hockey rink? Bill Conrod

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Radical! New content! You've clearly been working on your writing skills. Very well done :) Thank you so much for the creativity of well - you!

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