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Les Cours Marc Chagall co-owners get settled

Les Cours Marc Chagall, a new town house complex of 21 units, has been in operation since last fall. I have been in touch of many of the co-owners already. Of course, the developers and real estate agent extraordinaire Anita Benabou Rozenblat  were in communications with me from the get go.

This marked the second attempt to build the complex. The original land owner was never able to get his financing in order. I had the opportunity to drop into one of the early meetings of the Condo Association to say hello and answer some questions. Some of the residents have expressed concern about excessive noise from the trucks transporting snow to the dump across the street. We are taking these concerns very seriously and our Public Works Department is trying to rectify the situation.

I am pleased to welcome the 21 new property owners to District 2. I look forward soon to meeting with some of the new homeowners in the Cartier Cavendish development, which also falls within the district.

PhotoCoursMarcChagallIn the accompanying photo I have a chat with Les Cours Marc Chagall co-owners Dana Kean, Valerie Molina and David Brown at their meeting.











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I'm one of the folks moving into phase 4 of the Centrepointe new Cavendish townhouses. I can't wait to move in.

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