Community-wide commemoration of Kristallnacht takes place in CSL
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Remembrance Day in Côte Saint-Luc

When I was young I remember attending many Remembrance Day ceremonies in Côte Saint-Luc. But as our veterans got older and November 11 repeatedly fell on a day in which the air was cold, the Brigadier Frederick Kisch Branch #97 decided to have our large commemoration for VE Day in May. At this time the weather is warmer and the attendance always much larger.


Remembrance Day has certainly continued in Côte Saint-Luc. Over the last many years it has fallen on a weekday. As a result the attendance was very low.

This year November 11 did fall on a  Sunday. It was cool outside, but not uncomfortable. The sun was shining and there were those remarkable veterans who still reside in CSL, looking as youthful as ever. Mayor Anthony Housefather was there, along with members of council Steven Erdelyi, Ruth Kovac, Mitchell Brownstein and myself. Federal Liberal Member of Parliament Irwin  Cotler was on hand, as was District 2 resident Martin Bogante (below), representing Liberal MNA for D'Arcy McGee Lawrence Bergman. Police Commander Sylvain Bissonnette in full uniform joined us.


There was a good crowd but as I looked around I saw no youth. I am only comforted by the fact that I know many schools had veterans visit their classes earlier in the week.

Frank Levine, the president of our Legion, served as the emcee. We had veterans march to the front of our Veterans Park with the flag of honour. A trumpeteer played the last post. We all sang O Canada together and Mayor Housefather asked us to remember those who fought for this country and are no longer with us.


The fact that we still do have so many men who served our country in WWII is a treasure and one we must embrace.











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