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CSL Senior Men's Club holds classy 25th anniversary dinner

Côte Saint-Luc adopts its first-ever Cat Licensing By-law

The City of Côte Saint-Luc  adopted its first ever cat licensing by-law at  a meeting of council on Monday, October 22  at City Hall. It will come into effect on November 1, 2012.

As the city’s official  liaison to the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee(CSLCC), I am pleased to say  that work on this by-law began last spring and represents an important chapter in the area of animal welfare in the community.  In the  two years since the creation of the CSLCC,  a team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to rescue and sterilize abandoned and feral cats, find permanent or foster families for homeless kittens and educate the community at large.

This by-law is a message to all owners of outdoor cats which are not sterilized. It is no longer acceptable to ignore the need to spay or neuter your animal. This is an irresponsible act which our new by-law will attempt to address. We truly need everyone’s cooperation.

Owners of outdoor cats  will have them registered at City Hall and obtain a cat identification tag, provide relevant  information required to process the registration of the cat and produce, on a one-time basis,  a certificate from their veterinarian stipulating that the cat has been spayed or neutered. This pertains to any cat six months of age or older.

Annual registration fees will be $10  for an outdoor cat that is spayed or neutered and which bears a microchip or a tattoo; $15  for an outdoor cat that is spayed or neutered, but does not bear a microchip or tattoo; and $20  for an outdoor cat that is not spayed or neutered as a result of a medical exemption. The latter alludes to a feline  10 calendar years or older or one that has a medical exemption from the veterinarian attesting to the fact that it cannot be spayed or neutered, 

The cat identification tags will be valid from July 1 of the year it is issued and will expire on June 30 of the following year. However, for those people who purchase licenses now (they will actually be available as of Novembe 19), they will get a bonus and it will be valid until July 1, 2014.
The by-law also emphasizes that the owner of a cat must provide food, shelter and adequate care, including veterinary services. They  shall not abandon the cat under any circumstances and face fines for doing so.  
We must make  it clear that every owner of an outdoor cat has the responsibility of ensuring that the issued  identification tag  is affixed whenever it is running at large and not on the owner’s or permitted property.  

The responsible authority, meaning any city employee or volunteer from the Côte Saint-Luc Cats   shall be responsible to patrol the city and attempt to control the cat population by identifying areas where large numbers of them are seen and running at large; ensure that outdoor cats have a valid ID tag in conformity with the by-law; and ensure that abandoned cats are transported to the Animal Care Facility for medical evaluation and sterilization if deemed necessary by the veterinarian. In addition,  the responsible authority may seize and retain any cat without an ID tag and have it  spayed or neutered, and then released once deemed safe to do so.


“Fines will be issued  to anyone contravening a provision of this by-law, or tolerating or permitting such a contravention,” said Councillor Sam Goldbloom(pictured with Librarian Janine West, also a cat lover), like myself is a proud cat owner and a member of the committee.

These fines will  range from a minimum of  $40 to  a maximum of $1,200


I would like to thank in particular the city’s general counsel Andrea Charon, my fellow Cat Committee members, Shelley Schecter, our partner from Educhat  (pictured above with myself and committee member Lydia Gazelle) and the mayor and council for their support. This is a very important step forward. Once again I believe our community is leading by example. Our goal continues to be controlling the homeless cat population. These are really “community” cats because we all have a responsibility. Cats make the most fantastic pets. They belong in people’s homes. We need more individuals to help us foster cats and adopt.

A special video on the Trap, Neuter and Release Program of the committee will be unveiled soon, as will planned programming for 2013.

For more information call 514-485-6800 ext. CATS or log on to www.cotesaintluc.org/cats.


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I oppose this by-law....you are just grabbing money (Empathy Tax) from many elderly pet owners...these people have cats for companionship....these cats are the center of their universe...there is not a rampant cat problem in CSL.... Seriously,...you are proud of this by-law???? Shame on you....There are much more pressing and important issues you should spend your time on than a few stray cats....Sorry Mike...I know you can do better than this piece of crap legislation for our community


I believe the spirit of the by-law is to control the growing number of feral cats in the community. I'm not sure this by-law addresses the direct concern. The bylaw does serve to sensetize owners on thier responsibility as a cat owner. I think we all agree if one owns a cat and allows such cat to wander outdoors without being spayed or neutered it is socially irresponsible for the health and well being of all citizens. As controlling the number of feral cats is a sanitation/health and safety concern above all. I do agree I am not keen on the fact there is a registration fee (however, I do understand the necessity for the administration of the program). I do think a voluntary and free registration should apply for all outdoor cats and a fee be applied only to outdoor cats that have not been spayed or neutered. Non-compliance by owners of cats that have not been spayed or neutered should be high enough to send the right message.

Mary Parker

People who criticize this important initiative for reasons that it is unnecessary and unimportant are not aware of the reality of the stray cat problem in Cote St. Luc. Homeless cats are not always evident to passersby. They hide, especially during the day. I am a witness to the suffering of these animals which get injured, run over and poisoned. Fortunately, people's attitudes are changing towards these sentient beings. Citizens are getting away from the egocentric view of man as the centre of the universe who is entitled to exploit animals at will. I congratulate Mr. Cohen and his supporters for his evolved, pro-active program which seeks to alleviate some of the suffering. You watch, Cote St. Luc will be held up as a model to other cities and boroughs.

Janine Larose

In my career as a researcher and rescuer never did I find a study indicating that licensing of indoor cats could reduce the stray population. Au contraire, it leads directly to more abandonments and killings since the part time animal lovers will not pay a license for their cats, the same they will not pay to have them fixed but will rather abandon them anywhere in the city. “It is just a cat, let it fend for herself”.

The city of Calgary claims that its licensing legislation was a success but they have yet to produce a study showing how many stray cats were slaughtered in the process. In our opinion, such claim has no value when a study leaves out important items like the life of a stray cat.

We found that the only reason cities and municipalities do charge a fee for cats, is to control their taxpayers (not the cats) and extort more monies for services that are not rendered like the returning of a lost pet. Don’t forget also that the cost of implementing such a by-law could be prohibitive. It will likely become an excuse to catch and dispose of the strays.

Year after year, the city will tax responsible owners. It's the other people the city needs to be concerned about -- the people who don't sterilize their pets and certainly don't microchip them, who let them wander and sow their wild oats and spread diseases. Such owners shrug when the cats disappear to become the humane society's problem. But the city doesn't know where those people live, so the bylaw enforcement officers don't knock on their doors.

Such a bylaw penalizes all those cat owners who are now responsible – who don’t let their cats out, who pay to ensure their cats are fixed and have all their shots – by insisting they pay to register their animals yearly or face penalties. What do they get in return for the licensing fees? A program that promises to deal with feral cats and those of irresponsible owners, many of whom likely won’t pay to retrieve their pets if impounded; our experience has shown that such promises are never kept.

It's a case of responsible citizens paying for their irresponsible neighbours. There's no reason that the owner of a sterilized, microchipped and registered cat should pay for a license year after year. There's no added benefit for the cat or the owner. So the annual fee becomes a punishment for having done the right thing in the first place.

Licensing will assure the return of lost pets

Our research indicates otherwise. Most cities do not advertise that lost pets are kept at the animal control pound for the owner to pick it up or even bother to give the address of the pound for that matter since it changes with the allocation of contracts to pound contractors. Most taxpayers simply hope the cat will come back and adopt a wait and see attitude until it is too late. Should it wear its license tag, we do not have the assurance that the pound contractor and the spca will call the owner or that the owner will pay a huge fee to get it back. The animal will then be entering the voyage to a laboratory for experimentation since most pound contractors are also dealers in pets for labs or millers.

Either the pound contractor will hide the cat until the mandatory delay is over because it then belongs to him as per his contract with the municipality. Furthermore, we find that most 3 day delays are too short to allow the owner to first realize the cat is gone then enquire where to pick it up if it has been found. The cat does not stand a chance to come back home.

Taxpayers feel the situation is addressed

What's the danger in trying cat licensing? Simple - it lulls people
into a false sense that they are trying something, and that's worse
than trying nothing. Other methods that could work won't be tried.
Enacting an unenforceable law that will have almost no compliance is
not a good idea at all! We don't need more laws, especially laws that won't work. We need solutions. (Mary Kolencik)

Unfortunately, this means the city will increase the burden on responsible pet owners as a way of handling problems created by irresponsible ones.

Mike Cohen

Thanks for taking the time to right. But we believe our tactic will make a difference

Mike Cohen

Mary, thanks for your support as always


I want to congratulate the city for this improvement to try to reduce the cat overpopulation. The licence fee is reasonable and will help to strerilise other cat out there. I will the same by-law in my city.

Shelley Schecter

My name is Shelley Schecter and I have been picking up the homeless cats in Cote St, Luc and bringing them to the vet be sterilized for the past 10 years. It is a program called Trap Neuter and Release. I first began this program 10 years ago because I was shocked by the amount of homeless cats in Cote St, Luc and other regions of Montreal.
I couldn’t believe that cats, who are companion animals, were living outside in our unforgiving climate. Their only salvation was that some kindly people were feeding them. The female cats were having litter upon litter. They can have 3 litters a year, with one to eight kittens, sometimes giving birth in the month of February.
I started doing TNR when I did some research about how to help the homeless cats.

Over the last 10 years, the overpopulation of homeless cats has dramatically increased. Why? Irresponsible pet ownership. People do not neuter their cats and they let them go outside and create more kittens. In many cases, the cat is discarded when she is pregnant and she has her babies outside. These mother cats care only to feed their young, but they barely have enough to eat themselves.

Many of the cats outside were once in homes. For one reason or another, they have found themselves in the position of having to find food and seek out shelter. It is not their fault that they are out there. People put them there.

Yes, there are a lot of responsible pet owners in Cote St, Luc, but unfortunately there are also many irresponsible pet owners. Not sterilizing your cat and then letting him or her out to bred is not only irresponsible, it is just plain cruel. These kittens that are born outside have a very hard and short life in front of them.

In the last two months, I have picked up six kittens. I do not usually take in kittens, but how could I turn my back on those tiny faces, with eyes glued shut and tiny noses struggling to breath because they had a upper respiratory illness.

I understand your annoyance at feeling this is a tax grab for Cote St, Luc,I too, am a tax payer, but every penny goes into sterilizations, medications, cat food and other necessities to take care of these cats. The City of Cote St. Luc and CN give funds to make this program happen
This is emotionally difficult work. Neither I, nor any of the volunteers from the Cote St, Luc Cat Council get paid.. We do it because, since we know about these cats, we can never to back to not knowing. And how can we do nothing?

Did you know that in many municipalities on and off the island, their by-laws prohibit the feeding of homeless cats? And this by-law is enforced by inspectors that come to people’s homes and harass them and fine them…$1000.00 and up, because they are feeding homeless cats. At the same time., in the same series of by-laws it states not be cruel to animals, as if starvation is not cruelty.

I commend Mike Cohen for embracing this important issue and showing political conviction in a cause that may not be politically compelling, but is humanely compelling.
I applaud the City of Cote St, Luc for addressing the needs of the entire community including our 4 legged constituents who have no voice.

The aim of this by-law is to educate people on proper companion animal husbandry and to cut down on the misery that is out there. I hope one day that there will be no more homeless cats, not just in Cote St, Luc, but in the rest of the province as well.
I hope I have put a little clarity on why this by-law was worked on and now passed.

I invite anyone to come along with me while I trap and transport these cats to the vet and see first hand what we do. See if you are not touched by the reality of the situation.

I encourage you to take in a tame homeless cat. They make wonderful companions.
If you are not ready for such a commitment, then foster a cat until a forever home is found.

It is true that some of these cats do not want to come in.
They have been outside for too long. We can provide cat shelters for these cats to put outside your home if you are feeding the cats. The shelters are made by two of our volunteers, one that supplies the foam core boxes and another one who makes the shelters. Any one wanting one for the homeless cats they are feeding outside can get one. There is no charge.
We need the help and participation of everyone in the community to help bring down the numbers of homeless cats humanely and effectively.

Thérèse Cloutier

Congratulations on your efforts in trying to reduce to 0 the number of homeless cats. I suppose that if the intent of the by-law is not to penalize responsible owners it could only charge them for a symbolic fee - (covering 1 or 2 indoors living cats) rather then for the 6, 7 or 8 spayed/neutered felins they have saved from our harsch climate. In fact, it's for the other kind of owners, the irresponsible ones that the by-law is there. But how will they be penalized if they don't take ownership of their felines. You see the problem?
I suppose that the best way to collect money for TNR is by having artists giving concerts for the benefit of the TNR, by having street happenings (clowns, acrobats, etc.) by holding auctions, by selling small items like headbands, keyholders, etc. with the logo of the CSLCC or any other public and fun out-of-the-boxe ideas.

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