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October 2012

Another successful Maisons Fleuries Contest

Each year at this time I look forward to attending our Maisons Fleuries Awards Banquet. This year it was held at the Aquatic and Community Centre for the first time. With music by Edwin Brownwell and Director of Parks and Recreation David Taveroff as emcee, the nice crowd on hand enjoyed the evening.

As Mr. Taveroff stated, "in the summer, our community is ablaze with color as residents tend to their gardens in order to best please our judges. Our City is proud of its residents and is pleased to present these awards in recognition of their efforts."

The  co-chairmen of this years contest were Councillors  Sam Goldbloom and Allan J. Levine. Former Councillor  Harold Greenspon served as honourary chair. Mayor Anthony Housefather and other members of council were on hand.

 Entrants of single family, semi-detached and duplex residences were judged by political districts.  Elite awards were comprised of winners from the various categories who were selected for an award twice in the past three years.   The grand prize was awarded for one property amongst single family, semi-detached and duplex residences.  

Here are the winners, with District 2 recipients in bold:

Apartment/Condominium Buildings

3rd Place
5500 Borden.

2nd Place
Le Bristel
Marcia Reim
6030 Cavendish Blvd.

1st Place
La Marquise
5845 Marc Chagall

Marcia Reim of the Bristel and Mike Cuplowsky of La Marquise with me.

Senior Residence Category 

3rd Place
Manoir Montefiore
5885 Cavendish Blvd.

2nd Place
B’Nai Brith House
8000 Côte Saint-Luc Road

1st Place
Le Waldorf
7400 Côte Saint-Luc Rd.

Commercial Building

Jack Vincelli Nursery and Garden Center
5803 Westminster Ave.

Public Building Category

Beth Israel Congregation
6800 Mackle Rd.

 Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex Homes  in District 2   

1st Place
Daniel Cohen
5786 Ilan Ramon

Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex Homes in District 3 

3rd Place
Bernie Bratz
5508 Westbourne

2nd Place
Adriano Obiacoro
5613 Alpine

1st Place
Hanne Cohen
6505 Kay Road

Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex Homes  in District 4 

3rd Place
Franco Panarello
7509 Baily Rd.

2nd Place
Farahnaz G. Biregani
5518 Hudson Avenue

1st Place
Giovannina Fucito
5528 Hudson Avenue

Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex Homes  in District 5A 

3rd Place
Gloria Lewis
5602 Rand Avenue

2nd Place
Tony Pitarelli
5639 Hudson Ave

1st Place
Rob Panarello
5702 Rand Avenue

 Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex Homes in District 5B

3rd Place
Giovanni Canci
5602 Wolseley Avenue

2nd Place
Syd Knecht
5708 Wolseley Avenue

1st Place
Irene Darrell
5710 Wentworth

Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex homes in district 6 

3rd Place
Eric and Joann Goldapple
5763 Einstein Avenue

2nd Place
Lucie Bendahan
5616 Parkhaven Avenue

1st Place
Leah Benedek
5660 Parkhaven Avenue

 Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex homes in District 7 

3rd Place
Adele Tevel
5616 Sabin Avenue

2nd Place
Howard Rossdeutscher
5641 Place Yad-Mordechai

1st Place
D. Sylvain and Lucie Chemtob
6885 Banting

 Single Family, Semi-Detached and Duplex homes in District 8  

2nd Place
Arthur Rizzo
6056 Krieghoff Rd.

1st Place
Dr. Irving Burstein
6044 Krieghoff Rd.

 Elite categories.  

3rd Place
Le Bellagio
5840 Marc-Chagall

2nd Place
Mackle Manor
6635 Mackle Rd.

1st Place
Le Rothchild
6500 Mackle Rd.

Sam Goldbloom and I congratulate Sandra Segal of Le Rothchild.

Elite Single Family and Semi-Detached Homes Category

3rd Place
Marcella Ciambella
630 Westluke Ave

2nd Place
Rose Sacks
5793 Einstein Ave.

1st Place
Mario Polisena
5777 Rand Avenue

 Elite Duplex Category

3rd Place
Carlo Palucci
7388 Kildare Road

2nd Place
 Remo and Linda D’Alesio
6641 Baily Road

1st Place
Tony and Mario Alfonso
6647 Baily Rd

Elite Townshouses 

3rd Place
Angéline Lawrence
5681 Merrimac Road

2nd Place
Dr. Laurentia de Vreeze
6051 Cavendish Boulevard

1st Place
Susie and Harvey Schwartz
6043 Cavendish Boulevard

This year the sponsors of the Maisons Fleuries Contest were
Canbec Inc., CMS Entrepreneurs Inc. and Jack Vincelli Inc.

Maison Fleuries Volunteer Judges
• Sam and Louise Pinsky
• Joan and Bernie King
• Alison and Howard Modlin
•  Sam Wigdor
• Josée Beaudoin
• Samantha Laroque
• Yasmeen Abughaida

Maisons Fleuries Committee Members:
• Chairmen : City Councillors Allan J. Levine and Councillor Sam Goldbloom
• David Taveroff,  Director -  Parks & Recreation
• Danka Janosz, Manager of Leisure and Community Services
• Ryan Nemeroff, Section Manager-Adults and Seniors Leisure Services
• René Lapointe, Horticulture Foreman, Public Works
• Rami Negev - Photographer

2012 Grand Prize Category  

Giovannina Fucito
5528 Hudson Avenue

CSL Senior Men's Club holds classy 25th anniversary dinner

Mayor Anthony Housefather and members of city council were pleased to be honoured guests on October 28 at the 25th annual Côte Saint-Luc Senior Men's Club Dinner Dance, held at the elegant ballroom of the Beth Zion Congregation.
George Thomas
What a fantastic party this was, with party animator extraodinaire George Thomas (above) getting everyone out on the dance floor. There were delicious hors d'oeuvres and a fantastic meal catered by Blossom and a wonderful group of individuals to chat with, many of whom reside in District 2.


The Senior Men's Club, with dynamic president Sidney Margles (pictured) at the helm, make our city proud. The activities they run, from a popular speaker series to travel excursions, are second to none. When we built our magnificent Aquatic and Community Centre, their new headquarters was very much part of the plan. We have a vibrant senior citizen community. Having just turned 50, I will be in that category before long.


D'Arcy McGee Liberal MNA Lawrence Bergman was impressing everyone with his moves on the dance floor with his lady Viviane (pictured). Councillors Sam Goldbloom, Allan J. Levine and Ruth Kovac were shaking things up to the music with their spouses as well. Man of the Year Bill Taylor was greeted with enthusiasm by everyone. One of my dear constituents from Rembrandt Avenue, Jack Budovitch (below with Ruth Kovac and I), told us he is turning 90 years young. Bravo Jack! 

Mike RuthBudovitch


Happy couple Ruby and Gittie Cobrin (pictured below right), residents of Marc Chagall Avenue, told me they have been happily married for 57 years. Kenny Besner and Manny Young were there. Both men just retired as pharmacists and look forward to a warm winter in Florida with their wives. The ageless George and Phyllis Nashen were all smiles.

Ruby and Gittie Cobrin

Harold Moscovitch chaired the event and served as emcee.  Bergman  and our mayor presented Margles, our 2012 Volunteer of the Year, with a special plaque and medal from then Quebec National Assembly.

It was Nat Bernstein, though, a past president of the club and man about town who shared with his some laughs and a bit of sadness. Nat is a great speaker and in fantastic form at the age of 92. He withdrew from the club for a number of years and during his keynote address we found out why. With his voice breaking, he talked about his dear wife Sarah who suffered from Alzheimer's and passed away last year. Nat was by her side as a caregiver every step of the way. Devastated after her passing, he went to his doctor and got a prescription. It was to go back to the Men's Club, for participating in their activities could do far more than any pill on the market.


Long live the Men's Club and a huge hurrah for the past presidents, the six no longer with us and those who were on hand October 28 to take a well deserved bow. A special note goes to the late Sam Rosenberg, the founding president.


Kenny Besner and Manny Young above.













                                                                    Sam and Bev Goldbloom

George and Phyl Nashen













Phyllis and George Nashen

Allanand Rhoda Levine












                                        Allan and Rhoda Levine



















Mr. and Mrs. Jack  Posels


Côte Saint-Luc adopts its first-ever Cat Licensing By-law

The City of Côte Saint-Luc  adopted its first ever cat licensing by-law at  a meeting of council on Monday, October 22  at City Hall. It will come into effect on November 1, 2012.

As the city’s official  liaison to the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee(CSLCC), I am pleased to say  that work on this by-law began last spring and represents an important chapter in the area of animal welfare in the community.  In the  two years since the creation of the CSLCC,  a team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to rescue and sterilize abandoned and feral cats, find permanent or foster families for homeless kittens and educate the community at large.

This by-law is a message to all owners of outdoor cats which are not sterilized. It is no longer acceptable to ignore the need to spay or neuter your animal. This is an irresponsible act which our new by-law will attempt to address. We truly need everyone’s cooperation.

Owners of outdoor cats  will have them registered at City Hall and obtain a cat identification tag, provide relevant  information required to process the registration of the cat and produce, on a one-time basis,  a certificate from their veterinarian stipulating that the cat has been spayed or neutered. This pertains to any cat six months of age or older.

Annual registration fees will be $10  for an outdoor cat that is spayed or neutered and which bears a microchip or a tattoo; $15  for an outdoor cat that is spayed or neutered, but does not bear a microchip or tattoo; and $20  for an outdoor cat that is not spayed or neutered as a result of a medical exemption. The latter alludes to a feline  10 calendar years or older or one that has a medical exemption from the veterinarian attesting to the fact that it cannot be spayed or neutered, 

The cat identification tags will be valid from July 1 of the year it is issued and will expire on June 30 of the following year. However, for those people who purchase licenses now (they will actually be available as of Novembe 19), they will get a bonus and it will be valid until July 1, 2014.
The by-law also emphasizes that the owner of a cat must provide food, shelter and adequate care, including veterinary services. They  shall not abandon the cat under any circumstances and face fines for doing so.  
We must make  it clear that every owner of an outdoor cat has the responsibility of ensuring that the issued  identification tag  is affixed whenever it is running at large and not on the owner’s or permitted property.  

The responsible authority, meaning any city employee or volunteer from the Côte Saint-Luc Cats   shall be responsible to patrol the city and attempt to control the cat population by identifying areas where large numbers of them are seen and running at large; ensure that outdoor cats have a valid ID tag in conformity with the by-law; and ensure that abandoned cats are transported to the Animal Care Facility for medical evaluation and sterilization if deemed necessary by the veterinarian. In addition,  the responsible authority may seize and retain any cat without an ID tag and have it  spayed or neutered, and then released once deemed safe to do so.


“Fines will be issued  to anyone contravening a provision of this by-law, or tolerating or permitting such a contravention,” said Councillor Sam Goldbloom(pictured with Librarian Janine West, also a cat lover), like myself is a proud cat owner and a member of the committee.

These fines will  range from a minimum of  $40 to  a maximum of $1,200


I would like to thank in particular the city’s general counsel Andrea Charon, my fellow Cat Committee members, Shelley Schecter, our partner from Educhat  (pictured above with myself and committee member Lydia Gazelle) and the mayor and council for their support. This is a very important step forward. Once again I believe our community is leading by example. Our goal continues to be controlling the homeless cat population. These are really “community” cats because we all have a responsibility. Cats make the most fantastic pets. They belong in people’s homes. We need more individuals to help us foster cats and adopt.

A special video on the Trap, Neuter and Release Program of the committee will be unveiled soon, as will planned programming for 2013.

For more information call 514-485-6800 ext. CATS or log on to

Hydro work on Fleet to continue until November 30

Last week, the Hydro Quebec project on Fleet Road. was put on hold when their sub-contractor discovered a ruptured high voltage cable in the excavation. The Quebec workplace health and safety board (CSST) ordered the work to stop until the situation has been fixed.

Work resumed on Wednesday, October 17. Our staff  has asked Hydro Quebec to make up lost time and they have agreed to add additional manpower in order to have all the work complete by November 30. Also, we expect to be able to re-open an additional eastbound lane (towards Décarie Blvd.) by Monday, October 29.

This is a project beyond our control and no doubt and inconvenience to an awful lot of people, myself included. We already had to suffer through some eight weeks of paving on the Hampstead side this past summer. Our public security officers have been an excellent job during the morning rush hour to keep traffic moving. What we all need now is some patience for just over a month. Where I live, we lost Hydro service for 20 hours last week. That was no picnic either.

Côte St. Luc Slo Pitch Association holds special reunion

Last spring, only a few weeks before he  was hospitalized after a dangerous fall, my dad called with all of the excitement of a student who had just reunited with some old friends. He just came back from dinner at the Delly Boy's Restaurant where he and a group of his contemporaries had agreed to organize a reunion of the Côte Saint-Luc Slo Pitch Association.

Sadly, my dad (Larry Frederick Cohen), would never experience the evening. He died on September 3 and while he was pretty miserable during his hospitalization, at one point he still held out hope he would  make the event.  I think he would have been comforted to know how highly people spoke about him  at the reunion held on October 17 at the CSL Aquatic and Community  Centre.  More than 60 former players, mostly from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, were on hand. Allan J. Levine and I represented the city council. I thank the organizers, Mish Granik, Roy Salomon and Lionel Segal, for giving me an opportunity to say a few words about Larry. Below is a photo of myself and Councillor Levine with  guest speaker Dick Irvin and the committee.


The  Slo Pitch Association operated for more than 40 years,  mostly at Kirwan/Wentworth Park. It started off at Westminster  Park, next to  Beth Zion Congregation where Rabbi Sidney Shoham (below) was one of the players. Rabbi Syd, who was  at the reunion, was so highly regarded  in his native Baltimore that he was once considered a major league prospect. "The local police had a team and they asked me to join them," he said, noting to many laughs that he suggested the name be Cops and Rabbis.


Harold Cammy, the invaluable management team member from the city's Parks and Recreation Department, helped coordinate the classy event which included snacks and conversation to start, a buffet from the Snowdon Deli and desserts at the end.  Legendary sports broadcaster Dick Irvin was the guest speaker and he was just fantastic, talking a lot about baseball and of course hockey. Dick remains a superb storyteller and there was dead silence in the room as he provided a slew of inside stories.  Segal presented him with a commemorative clock.

Granik went around the room and gave every former player a chance to say a few words. The anecdotes from their days on the field were priceless. Salomon explained how he arrived in Montreal from the United States in 196o and did not know a single person. "I  joined this league and all of a sudden I had 120 new friends," he explained.


Some of the people in the room had not seen each other in decades. Lenny Goldfarb, who owned the popular Olympic Sports shop, came in from  Ottawa for the evening. Now 70, Len is spending his time as a hotly booked singer at seniors homes.

I had my own long history with this league. My dad was a player and served on the executive as secretary. I  would follow in his footsteps on both fronts.  Actually, I started off as the league's official scorekeeper. That meant I  attended every game in the summer (four nights a week,  two games per night) and got to know many of of these men who attended the reunion. At its peak, this league was top-notch and competitive with some extraordinary talent.

Mike  Rothpan was at the reunion with his son Mark. Mike played 48 years and was a pitcher, not a very easy position in Slo Pitch. Herb Isenberg (photogaphed) sponsored the Internationals, a dynasty for many years in the league. Earl "Glitter Boy" Engel, was a star  performer in the 70s, 80  and 90 and like me represented the younger alumni on hand. He hopes thata 70s, 80s and 90s reunion can be organized next.

Lionel Segal thanks Dick Irvin.

Harold Laxer and Ken Saxe were also on the committee.

“Roy and I got this idea while working out daily at the Snowdon Y,” Granik said. “Unfortunately,
we’ve lost a few of those players, but life does go on for all of us who are much older now."

Granik remembers the days when he started as a catcher with one of the original franchises sponsored by Westminster Homes and thereafter played right field with his bar mitzvah glove given to him by his father. He says in the eight years he played he never dropped anything that he could get to. Granik, a left-handed hitter was a spray hitter with power and hit many a home run over the right field fence. He was a batting champ for a number of years and finished his eight-year career with a .400-plus batting average. Granik was an all-Canadian and played on the team that went to Toledo, Ohio, to represent Côte Saint-Luc at the World Championship Tournament.

Salomon, on the other hand, was a Brooklyn-born former Duke University (North Carolina) basketball star, with speed to burn and astar center fielder who could run like a gazelle. He had a lifetime .300batting average and covered center field with the best of them. He also was an all-Canadian and played at Jones Beach in New Yorkand also at Toledo.

 Bravo to the organizers of the event. Somewhere up there, Larry and the other alumni who have passed away, were applauding.