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Congrats to the Oak Ridge Tenants Association for their picnic

Penguins star Kris Letang spotted in CSL

One of my constituents, Daniel Alon, has  a real eye for spotting National Hockey League players around town. Such was the case when he saw Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins outside of our very own Samuel Moskovitch Arena.

"Letang was on the ice training with another group of players," Daniel said, noting that the Pens star posed for a photo with him.

The 25 year old French Canadian defenceman made $3.5 million. Perhaps he will be back in CSL often in the next few months, as a lockout of NHL players looms on September 15.


Here is a video of Letang getting crushed last season by Max Pacioretty of the Habs.




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