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CSL adopts anti-smoking by-law dealing with the outdoors

I am very proud that my colleagues and I on  Côte Saint-Luc city council have adopted a by-law to expand our  smoking ban to certain outdoor areas.  District 4 Councillor Steven Steven_erdelyi_01Erdelyi (pictured) sponsored this piece of legislation, which passed unanimously.The new by-law will ban smoking within 20 meters of children's outdoor playgrounds and near municipal sports fields.   We will also ban smoking in our public parks during special events like Canada Day. For those who break the law, a fine of $50 will be issued for the first offence and $100 if you do so again.

A lot of people will tell you that this by-law will not be easy to enforce. However,  I like the fact that a citizen can now approach a person who is blowing smoke at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park with young children close by and tell him or her to butt out.

Our city took a leadership role many years ago when the late Eric Helfield sponsored the first anti-smoking by-law. I was a reporter for The Suburban Newspaper  at that time, covering City Hall.

I do not smoke and I have a low tolerance for those who do so around me. I know it is an addiction, but  I do hope that actions like this might prompt some more people to kick the habit.

Here is the official city press release:

The City of Côte Saint-Luc adopted a by-law on February 13 to update prohibitions on smoking in public places, continuing the city’s long-time leadership on this health and safety issue. 

By-law 2374 entitled By-law to Regulate Smoking in the City of Côte Saint-Luc replaces by-law 2202. Côte Saint-Luc first adopted a by-law prohibiting smoking in April 1985, with updates in June 1997 and March 1999. The Quebec government enacted the Tobacco Act in June 1998, which set out a series of measures aimed at restricting tobacco access, promotion, and use. 

“Côte Saint-Luc has always been a leader among municipalities in the area of health and safety,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “We decided to broaden the provisions of our existing by-law to add additional locations where smoking was prohibited and this is consistent with actions beginning to be taken by municipalities outside of Quebec.”

The new Côte Saint-Luc by-law adds additional prohibitions against smoking (1) within 20 meters of any playground, splash pool, or sports activity, (2) in all municipal parks during a special event, and (3) at all municipal outdoor pools. A copy of the by-law is available at 

“Basically, what this new by-law does is take the rules against smoking one step further,” Councillor Steven Erdelyi said. “Smoking in a public place, even outdoors, is a nuisance for all those close to the smoker. Our new by-law recognizes this and makes it possible for people to better enjoy the outdoors, whether at a child’s soccer game or at large public events like a winter carnival activity.” 

The fine for contravening the by-law starts at $50 for a first offence. 



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I really admire the way you present your ideas. Excellent blog post. Highly informative. Thank you.

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Smoking is very harmful for health. Due to smoking people suffered by many disease. You share such nice idea with us. Its too fantastic post.

Monster LadyGaga

I think you write this article article was really too good! Give me a lot of help. Hope to write better work!

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The City of Côte Saint-Luc adopted a by-law on February 13 to update prohibitions on smoking in public places, continuing the city’s long-time leadership on this health and safety issue.

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