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Côte Saint-Luc a leader in social media among municipalities

Hats off to Darryl Levine, the City of Côte Saint-Luc’s Director of Public Affairs and Communications, for his fabulous work in the area of social media.

Statistics unveiled from September related to social media, videos and our website show that we broke several records.

Here’s a summary:

-Our website attracted 12,031 visits, which is the highest 30‐day total ever;
-The number of post views on Facebook was our highest ever at 14,680;
-The number of video plays at Vimeo was 1,180, the highest number since launching CSL‐TV in December 2009.

The high number of video plays at Vimeo in September was the result of two new videos related to the Aquatic and Community Centre: ACC Open House (472 plays), Play, Train, Excel (549 plays), and the French version Jouer, s'entrainer, et exceller (69 plays). These videos were embedded on the front page of and posted to the Facebook page. The Department of Public Affairs and Communications produced the former video. Silas Creations produced the latter videos.

For the first time since launching the Côte Saint‐Luc Facebook page in November 2009, our posts in September were viewed in newsfeeds more times (14,680 post views) than the number of visits to (12,031). 

Following a request from the Department of Human Resources, we also created a Côte Saint‐ Luc page on LinkedIn. No other city on the island of Montreal uses video and social media to the extent that Côte Saint‐Luc does. We are by far the leader in this area with a presence onFacebook (social media), Twitter (social medial), Vimeo (video hosting), Flicker (photo hosting), and LinkedIn (social media). In other words, not only does Côte Saint‐Luc connect with residents using more tools than other city on the island, the number of people who saw items published using those tools was at an all‐time high.


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