Côte Saint-Luc and Police on the lookout for graffiti perpetrators
Former Solly's on Westminster becomes Nosherz

U2 loud and clear in Côte Saint-Luc

An extraordinary thing has occurred in Côte Saint-Luc. With the former Blue Bonnets Raceway located just across the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks andjust steps away from the Decarie Square section of our city, residents and visitors have been enjoying great  audio from the world's top rock band.

Many people are congregating near Decarie Square, where you can even see the stage.  In District 2 of the city, Marc Chagall Avenue has been the place to be. Check this amazing photo taken by  aircam.ca. A gentleman pulled his car up near the snow dump on Marc Chagall and took out a giant blimp-like stricture from his trailer.  Lifting it up 500 feet in the air like a kite, he snapped pictures through a video screen  which many people gathered around to view.

If you need to hire someone for aerial shots,  call Patrick Fernandez at 514-247-2266 or email info@aircam.ca.



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