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Maisons Fleuries Contest Shows City Beauty

The Côte Saint-Luc City Hall  Council Chamber was filled to capacity on Monday November 1  for the annual Maisons Fleuries garden beautification contest  awards evening.  The city awards prizes to residents who create attractive green spaces with blossoming trees, flowers and shrubs. A panel of judges views the gardens and selects the winners and runners up based on various categories.

Councillors Allan J. Levine, Sam Goldbloom and former councillor Harold Greenspon co-chaired the contest and officiated at the ceremony. Director of Parks and Recreation David Taveroff was the master of ceremonies while the magnificent Edwin Brownell provided entertainment.

There were a number of award winners from District 2. Ilan Ramon Crescent neighbours Daniel J. Cohen and his wife Bonnie Roiter and Frank Palucci and his wife Sandra Cambone  came in first and second place respectively for single family and semi-detached homes in District 2. Bonnie and Frank are pictured below with me.  Le Rothchild on Mackle Road came in tops for highrise condos. The superb Seniors Garden, located off the parking lot of the Cavendish Mall, won an award and  president Sava Todorovic and his wife Martha received a well deserved special recognition award.BonnieFrank

I wish to salute all of our property owners who took the time to present such beautiful gardens. We know how much work it can be to create and maintain a garden and this contest our the city’s way of recognizing those efforts.

Residents were able to enter for consideration the garden of their single-family home, duplex or townhouse. All apartment buildings, commercial establishments and public buildings were automatically entered in the contest and were judged separately.  Judges assessed front gardens according to the cleanliness of the property, the appearance of plants and flowers and general landscaping.

The chairpersons of the Maisons Fleuries contest are Councillor Sam Goldbloom, Councillor Allan J. Levine and Harold Greenspon.



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