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West End Flavor at Tory Love in

I attended the  Federal Conservative Party of Canada Pierrefonds-Dollard Riding Association fundraising barbeque in Dollard September 1, along with about 1,400 other people. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the main attraction and he received a rock star like welcome upon his arrival.  Pierrefonds-Dollard is held by the highly unimpressive Bernard Patry. Why constituents there have blindly returned this invisible man to office for the last 17 years is beyond , Agop Evereklian, most recently the chief of staff to federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney, is the Tory candidate set to challenge Patry. Gerry Weiner, then last person to hold this riding for the Tories, told me that if there is one riding in the Montreal area his party can win "it is this one."

There were a slew of Côte Saint-Luc and Hampstead residents in the crowd, all anxious to embrace a yet to be announced star Tory candidate in the Mount Royal riding. Professor Irwin Cotler has been the Liberal MP there for 10 years and at the age of 70 he is showing no signs of stepping down. Suburban Newspaper owner Amos Sochaczevski, Rabbi Reuben J. Poupko, B'nai Brith's Moise Moghrabi, TMR's Robert Presser and young Hampsteaders like Issie Steckler were among those on hand praising Harper for his defence of Israel. It will be interesting to see how things turn out.


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