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Man builds village for cats and Elizabeth's "purrfect" story

Sukkot at Congrégation Sépharade Or Hahayim

I had the pleasure today of attending Sukkot Services at Congrégation  Sépharade Or Hahayim on  Einstein in the company of fellow city councillor Mitchell Brownstein, who represents that area. Many of my constituents from District 2, though, are members and were on hand. It was a beautiful ceremony run by Rabbi Moïse Ohana. What Mitchell I enjoyed the most was the absolutely beautiful singing from all of the members. Interestingly, at certain points the rabbi or cantor  would stop leading the ceremony and a member in the audience just picked things up with energy and style. After the ceremony Councillor Brownstein and I were invited to the kiddish (ceremonial meal), where members gave us a warm greeting. Executive Director Roger Dahan was charming as usual and introduced us to his bright young son, Emmanuel, 26, who is in the electronic signage business.


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