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Underground aqueduct work on Kildare begins

The City of Côte Saint-Luc is investing $426,000 to replace the underground aqueduct on Kildare Road. between Rembrandt Ave. and Merrimac Road and to repave that stretch of  the street. The work has begun and will  last until approximately August 15, 2010.   A formal letter will be sent to all affected residents shortly.

Pipe replacement and road reconstruction

Normally, Côte Saint-Luc would reline the pipes to prevent leaks, which is a less invasive procedure. However, the state of the pipes under Kildare Rd. requires them to be replaced, which is why we need to open up the road surface. While this will cause traffic on this stretch of road to be disrupted, the work is necessary. Once the work is complete, the pipes should not need to be repaired or replaced for approximately 50 years.  At the same time we will also be reconstructing the road once the pipes have been replaced. The road surface has been damaged due to prior water breaks and while it has been patched the time has come for proper resurfacing.


A temporary above-ground water network has been nstalled to provide water as well as to offer fire protection to buildings and townhouses along Kildare Rd. A specialized firm, Canbec, has been hired to carry out the repairs, and our own Engineering Department will supervise and confirm the quality of the work. Please note that that an employee from Canbec and/or its sub-contractor Colmatec, duly authorized by the city, may have to visit your building or townhouse to check your water connection. Canbec will also distribute additional information directly to  your home.

If you have questions or comments about these repairs, you may call the following numbers:

• Weekdays between 7am and 4pm: Côte Saint-Luc Engineering Department, 514-485-6800 ext. 1501, or, for general inquiries.
• After hours (emergencies): Côte Saint-Luc Public Security Department: 514-485-6960.
• At any time (day or night): Colmatec, 450-973-3366 or 514-712-1640.
• Côte Saint-Luc information line regarding water work: 514-485-6800 ext. 5500.

Today, June 28, there were two water breaks on Kildare Rd. which forced  water to be shut off. Fortunately the damage was repaired quickly. Those affected are recommended to boil their drinking water for 48 hours. Stay tuned to for more details.


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Allen Wainberg

Mike, your communication skills are excellent. We very much appreciate the detailed information. Allen.


thanks mike

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