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From the time it went on the air I have been a huge fan of THE TEAM 990, Montreal’s all-sports radio station. Their programming is excellent. Elliott  Price, Denis Casavant and Shaun Starr are a great wakeup crew. Tony Marinaro is fabulous to listen and knows his hockey better than anybody. Old pro Randy Tieman of CTV Sports has been a solid addition to the regular lineup, but what can we say about Mitch Melnick and his entourage of  Rod Francis, Andie Bennett, Pierre Macguire, Stephen Brunt and a cast of other regulars?


The City of Côte Saint-Luc can take pride in THE TEAM as well. One of our own residents, Matthew Ross, has been hosting the popular Game Points program since the fall of 2004. A marketing and communications professional, Matthew  has been working in media and marketing for over seven years.  Some national  television shows such as TSN’s Off   The Record have recognized his talent and had him as a guest. He has  been published in the National Post and The Montreal Gazette and once reported for The Suburban.  Since March 2008, Matthew has also been operating, a content and communications company, providing copywriting, PR and other media and marketing services.

I urge you to listen to Game Points, which airs   Tuesday nights  from 11p.m.  to 1 a.m.  and Sunday nights from  6 p.m.  to  8 p.m. (during Major  League Baseball season).    Matthew brings esteemed analysts from around North America to the listener, offering a different point of view on the same old stories. Plus, get the full gamut of coverage as he takes you through what's going on in all of the major sports (except soccer!). 

Here is a clip from my recent appearance on Game Points. Please right click and press open to hear:

Game Points InterviewRossMarch2010





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