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New owners again for the Delly Boys

The Famous Delly Boys Restaurant has changed ownership for the second time in three years. In the spring of 2007 original owners Guido (Chico ) and Sonny Broccoli sold the business to Sam Koniaris, and two partners. The Broccoli brothers stayed on for a while to ease the transition while Sam in particular made a special effort to get to know the clientele and maintain the tradition of Cöte Saint-Luc’s oldest restaurant. It is the same age as me – 47 – established in 1962.

Sam and company made some visible changes, adding a delicious-looking glass dessert display case, large flat screen television, the Interac payment option and a new glossy takeout menu. . All of the items we have grown to love remained: smoked meat and other deli delights, club rolls, their famous party sandwiches, pizza burgers, chicken, veal, fish, steak, ribs, pasta and salads.

As of January, the Famous Delly Boys are in new hands. Tahir Lifanov, his brother Kharson and their mother Fatima have purchased the restaurant. Tahir is the front man, having begun working there himself only a few months ago. He is personable and already familiar with their regulars. Of course many of the folks who have been dining at this spot for decades are enjoying their winter in Florida and will only be back in late March.

Many years ago, when the Cavendish Mall was looking for a anchor restaurant to replace Pumperniks, there were talks to move the Delly Boys from their Westminster Avenue strip mall location. It seems that someone in the Mall ownership group was not in favor of this (clearly not a good decision). Instead, Chilis, Sternz Rhapsody and then Jakes set up shop and failed. The Mall has not had an established restaurant since then. There is no telling if they ever will, given the fact they will soon demolish at least 40 percent of the property in order to make way for a housing development. The Delly Boys would have been an excellent fit.

As for Chico and Sonny, I am told they have resurfaced at another restaurant in the West End.

Famous Delly Boys is located at 5509 Westminster. The phone number is 514-484-8555.


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Marianne Rabow

Would so love to know, "As for Chico and Sonny, I am told they have resurfaced at another restaurant in the West End." where that might be?
Any comments, clues?

Mike Cohen

Yes the original owners of the Delly Boys appear to have resurfaced somewhere on Van Horne, That is all I will say.

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