Life without my Guiding Light
Paving done on Kildare Road and Rembrandt

More door to door and sign posting

It has been a busy week on the campaign trail. On Rembrandt Avenue, constituent Martin Bogante was kind enough to go door to door with me in his highrise condo unit.  All of the people were a pleasure to talk to. Many of them, of course, do communicate with me by telephone or email already. After we finished knocking on every door Martin, a practicing lawyer who gives a lot of his time to the community, brought me outside to show me a parking spot on the street that is just a little too close to the entrance to his buiding's garage.

HowardMayers5700rem Rembrandt Avenue residents Howard and Arlene Mayers greet me at their door.

I spoke to our city traffic engineer, Charles Senekal, and as luck would have it our crews will be doing some line painting next week. This space will therefore be marked off on the sidewalk, preventing vehicles from parking there and preventing any trouble from occurring.


Today, the official election period got underway. Even though I am unopposed at the moment I nonetheless made sure that my campaign posters are up in District 2.  Nominations close October 2 and I will continue to campaign hard.


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