Paving done on Kildare Road and Rembrandt
A visitor from Japan

A visit to Kildare Towers

Howard Szalavetz, the owner of the large Kildare Towers apartment building on Honore-de-Balzac (off of Kellert and Kildare Road), was nice enough to invite me to set up shop in the lobby September 25 to talk to residents. Manager Barry Diamond (below with building caretaker Marino) greeted me at the front door and a number of residents were already waiting patiently to ask questions. In the interim they enjoyed the nice refreshments Howard and Barry had arranged for.


Kildare Towers is a large facility, with 163 units. There is a fairly large senior citizens population here, but they are an active bunch. I am often called to meet with people there in the spacious lobby and the in and out traffic at the front door is non-stop.

What did residents want to talk about? Given the fact the building is virtually situated in the Cavendish Mall parking lot, they are eager to learn what is in store for the community’s largest shopping center. I told them to stay tuned.


The Mall will seek permission to demolish about 40 percent of its structure, following which plans will be submitted to city council for the creation of a new housing complex. We will make all of this information public in due time. Since this involves rezoning, nothing can be approved without full public consultations. I assured the residents that council has devoted a lot of time and energy to this project and whatever we agree upon will be in the best interests of the city, our citizens and the Mall ownership.


Overall the residents were very happy with both the new building ownership (Howard purchased the property a few years ago) and the services they receive from the city.



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