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New waste bylaw encourages recycling

Blue-bin-silhouette A new City of Côte Saint-Luc by-law (2302) obliges apartment owners to offer recycling services to residents and consolidates rules about recycling, hazardous waste, organic waste and other types into one simplified by-law.

“There have been many positive changes in the last few years, such as the voluntary expansion of recycling to apartments and the launch of organic waste collection in single-family homes and duplexes,” Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “This new by-law is an indication of the city council’s desire to manage waste materials generated on our territory in an environmentally respectful manner.”

The collection days are not changing. However, the new collection times for garbage collection, recycling collection and organic waste collection is 7am to 7pm. If waste is placed in a rigid, tightly-covered receptacle (brown bin, blue bin or covered garbage can—not plastic bags) then residents can put it on the curb starting at 10pm the night before.

“Residents who previously were forced to wake up early to put their garbage on the curb now have the ability to seal it in a proper container and put it out the evening before,” said Councillor Mitchell Brownstein, the council member responsible for public works. “We think this is a reasonable given the fact that the collection begins at 7am.”

The by-law includes provisions to fine, however the city wants to first educate and encourage residents to sort their waste.

“Our goal as a city isn’t to fine residents or look through people’s garbage,” said Councillor Dida Berku, the council member responsible for environmental issues. “We want people to do their best and make an effort to divert more of their household to their blue bins and brown bins. The city is providing a way for residents to properly dispose of all the different kinds of waste. It is up to residents to take advantage of this service and do the right thing.”

Highlights for residents of single-family homes and duplexes

  • Residents must place their recyclables into the covered blue bins being delivered this spring.
  • Leaves and other garden waste must be placed in brown bins, paper bags or certified compostable bags. The organic-waste-collection trucks will not collect organic waste in plastic bags and the garbage trucks will not collect garden waste.
  • Household hazardous waste and household appliances—such as paint cans, batteries, televisions and so on—will not be collected and must be dropped off at the Public Works yard depot.
  • Bulky waste (such as couches and mattresses) and construction waste will not be collected in the regular garbage collection, however residents can call the city to arrange a collection for a fee or use of the private bulk waste collection companies.
  • The city has the authority to reduce or suspend collection of garbage, recycling or organic waste if the resident—after repeated warnings—does not sort items correctly.

Highlights for residents of apartments and condominiums

  • Apartment/condominium owners are obliged to offer recycling collection services to its residents.

Highlights for commercial establishments and institutions

  • Commercial establishments and institutions must begin recycling by March 2010.

The by-law to regulate the collection and disposal of waste materials (By-law 2302) was passed unanimously by the city council at the March 16, 2009 meeting. A copy of the by-law is available at the Archives counter of city hall (5801 Cavendish Blvd.) or at www.CoteSaintLuc.org/en/Bylaws.


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