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Maison Fleuries- Winners from District 2 and Tribute to Andrew Fabian

Côte Saint-Luc announced the winners and runners up in the 2008 Maisons Fleuries home garden contest November 3 at the Bernard Lang Civic Centre.There were a number of winners from District 2. In the Duplex and Townhouse category, Peter and Bonnie Solti of Cambridge Court East won for the latter. In the Apartment/Condominium Buildings category, Le Bellagio at 5840 Marc Chagall finished in first place followed by La Marquise, at 5845 Marc Chagall. Moving to the Elite category for Duplex and Townhouses, Richard and Angeline Lawrence of 5681 Merrimac were one of six winners. In another Town House Elite competiton, the Lawrence's came in third place.

The well attended ceremony in the council chamber featured a touching moment when it was announced that the second place finisher in the Single Family and Semi-Detached Homes section were Andrew and Eva Fabian of Korczak Crescent. Andrew, a repeat winner of this prize, sadly passed away a week before the ceremomy. His wife and children had just finished sitting shiva that day and they were in attendance as a fitting tribute to Andrew, who took huge pride in his flower garden. When he was too weak to maintain it, he hired a gardner. Pictures were taken each week and brought to the hospital where he would give instructions on how to make further improvements. To his family and friends, I extend my deepest sympathies.


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