No Parking Signs Removed on Rembrandt Avenue
VE Day

Oak Ridge Apartments

Sir Walter Scott Avenue encompasses a number of apartment buildings- five to be exact. The one with the most units is the Oak Ridge at 5795. I enjoyed campaigning in this building. Residents were so friendly. Many invited me into their kitchens and livingrooms. This why it took me parts of three days to knock on every door. The Oak Ridge is very impressive for its active Tenants Association, headed by Dr. Josef Brody. My colleague, Councillor Dida Berku, serves as the apartment's legal advisor. Recently, Dida, Mayor Anthony Housefather and myself were invited to attend the Oak Ridge's annual general meeting. I must say that I enjoy these opportunities. While I invited residents to attend my District meeting on June 2, most had questions and requests pertaining to the area. When will Sir Walter Scott be repaved? I told them that it is on the list for street and sidewalk repaving for the summer of 2o09. When can the bench that is rotting at the corner of Sir Walter Scott and the walkway leading to City Hall be fixed? I took a walk over to that bench later on. They were quite correct. It is in awful condition. Our Public Works Department is now on the case. Other requests included taking a good hard look at the grassy area behind 5795 which is somewhat of a swamp. I have been told, in fact, that ducks have been spotted swimming there. Keep the street cleaner, one resident requested. Our crews are consistently cleaning all streets. Do a better job of snow clearing at the Sir Walter Scott turnaround next winter, another asked. Well, we did not receive any complaints about this. I told the residents not to wait for a meeting. Always feel free to call me at 514-485-6945, particularly at the time these problems occur. I want to commend Dr. Brody for the job he does coordinating the affairs of the Oak Ridge Tenants Association. It would be lovely to see his group encompass residents of all the other buildings on the street.


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