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May 2008

Spring Fair a Gigantic Success

During the mandate of this city council a number of new activities and programs have been introduced. Two years ago we presented our first Emergency Services/Public Safety Day. Last year a garage sale and Public Works Day debuted. This year we rolled everything into one on Sunday, May 25 for our maiden Spring Fair.

The Fair actually included four major events along a stretch of Mackle Rd. including Emergency Services Day, a mega garage sale with 60 vendors, the Public Works Carnival and Eco-Action Day. At Emergency Services Day in the parking lot across from the Beth Israel Beth Aaron synagogue residents got to meet members of EMS, police, fire department, public security, vCOP, and other services. Kids enjoyed the police horses, EMS van, the colouring booth and more.
The mega garage sale at the Confederation Annex building behind the Samuel Moskovitch Arena had 60 tables to browse. Residents were also invited to bring their old electronic devices for proper disposal and donate clothes. Anyone who donated an old bicycle to SOS-Vélo was entered in a draw to win an EcoVelo recycled bicycle.
The Public Works Fair, in front of the Public Works building on Mackle Rd. supported the Missing Children’s Network. A donation gave kids access to barbecue food, real vehicles, inflatables, face painting, flower planting, arts and crafts and more. Parents received a booklet with their child’s photo and fingerprint on site.
At EcoAction Day at the Public Works building residents learned about recycling and curbside compost collection, got free garden compost and could drop off household hazardous waste. Dr. Joe Schwarcz, a resident of Côte Saint-Luc, was a special guest speaker. Kids learned about composting and how to make a zero-waste lunch.
Congratulations to the organizers. As a councillor I enjoyed the day immensely.

VE Day

Members of the Brigadier Frederick Kisch Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion were joined by the Côte Saint-Luc City Council and other dignitaries at the annual V-E Day commemoration ceremony at Veterans Park on Sunday, May 18. A parade was held at 1:30pm. More than 300 people attended the ceremony. Wreaths were deposited by Mayor Anthony Housefather, the Member of the National Assembly for D’Arcy McGee Lawrence Bergman, the consul generals of the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other invited guests. The V-E Day event is organized by the Brigadier Frederick Kisch Branch 97 of the Royal Canadian Legion and the City of Côte Saint-Luc. Congratulations to the Legion's Bob Feldstein, my fellow councillors Sam Goldbloom and Glenn J. Nashen and city staff for the work they did on this project. And thanks to Mother Nature for delivering wonderful weather conditions.

Oak Ridge Apartments

Sir Walter Scott Avenue encompasses a number of apartment buildings- five to be exact. The one with the most units is the Oak Ridge at 5795. I enjoyed campaigning in this building. Residents were so friendly. Many invited me into their kitchens and livingrooms. This why it took me parts of three days to knock on every door. The Oak Ridge is very impressive for its active Tenants Association, headed by Dr. Josef Brody. My colleague, Councillor Dida Berku, serves as the apartment's legal advisor. Recently, Dida, Mayor Anthony Housefather and myself were invited to attend the Oak Ridge's annual general meeting. I must say that I enjoy these opportunities. While I invited residents to attend my District meeting on June 2, most had questions and requests pertaining to the area. When will Sir Walter Scott be repaved? I told them that it is on the list for street and sidewalk repaving for the summer of 2o09. When can the bench that is rotting at the corner of Sir Walter Scott and the walkway leading to City Hall be fixed? I took a walk over to that bench later on. They were quite correct. It is in awful condition. Our Public Works Department is now on the case. Other requests included taking a good hard look at the grassy area behind 5795 which is somewhat of a swamp. I have been told, in fact, that ducks have been spotted swimming there. Keep the street cleaner, one resident requested. Our crews are consistently cleaning all streets. Do a better job of snow clearing at the Sir Walter Scott turnaround next winter, another asked. Well, we did not receive any complaints about this. I told the residents not to wait for a meeting. Always feel free to call me at 514-485-6945, particularly at the time these problems occur. I want to commend Dr. Brody for the job he does coordinating the affairs of the Oak Ridge Tenants Association. It would be lovely to see his group encompass residents of all the other buildings on the street.

No Parking Signs Removed on Rembrandt Avenue

I recently received a number of calls from residents of Rembrandt Avenue complaining about two no parking signs located on the side of the street of the park entrance. Residents were upset that this caused the loss of some four parking spots. In consultation with our engineering department I was able to have them removed.

Residents of 5740 Rembrandt are having their garage repaired over the next two months. We gave permission for residents to park their cars on the street overnight. However, problems ensued given the fact that on some mornings cars must be moved by 7 a.m. to accomodate street cleaning. This created a hardship for many people who had to get up especially early. With the support of the mayor and our city manager, I was able to get this time moved back to 9 a.m.

Next District Council Meeting is June 2nd

Please join me at my next District 2 council meeting MONDAY, JUNE 2, 7 P.M. Côte Saint-Luc City Hall Council Chamber 5801 Cavendish Boulevard Second Floor

- There are some exciting changes planned for Rembrandt Park. I want your feedback
- What is in store for Marc Chagall Avenue?
- New street signs are coming to Côte Saint-Luc
- Do you have any new traffic concerns?
- Are there issues you want to raise about your city?
- This will be an open discussion.

Director of Public Works David Tordjman,Traffic Engineer Charles Senekal and an officer from Police Station 9 will be on hand.

District 2 encompasses Merrimac, Rembrandt., Kildare (between Rembrandt and Marc Chagall), Sir Walter Scott, Ilan Ramon, Marc Chagall, Mackle (between Cavendish and Brandeis), Cavendish Mall, Cavendish (Manoir Montefiore, Manoir Camelia, L’Excelsior) and Honoré-de-Balzac. For more information I can be reached at (514) 485-6945.

Bialik Expanding Again

There is more construction work set to begin at Bialik High School at the corner of Kildare Road and Marc Chagall.

The Board of Directors of JPPS-Bialik recently announced plans to move ahead with Phase II of Bialik’s expansion. This $ 3 million investment will add a much-needed second gymnasium, including a new state-of-the-art stage facility and a renovated Mettarlin Hall, anticipated to be completed by the spring of 2009.

This follows the first phase of expansion last summer and fall which included adding a new fourth floor, a state-of-the-art science lab, a renovated and expanded cafeteria, student lounge and a new double-art room.

While many schools seem to be struggling to keep up enrolment, Bialik continues to grow. Hence the expansion.

I have been working with the administration and students of Bialik since my election to improve the situation vis-à-vis traffic. Local Police Station 9, our Volunteer Citizens on Patrol and Public Security have kept a close eye on the situation. Students have conducted studies. There have been ticket blitzs fo parking violations. I believe we have made significant progress. The expansion of the campus is not meant to increase the student population. They simply need more space to accommodate what they already have.

Go to for more information.